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By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Jul 27, 2016

Praising EasyBCD 2.3 (Admin Toolbox)

Dual boot machines running two same-version Windows instances can arbitrarily toggle boot order. EasyBCD 2.3 fixes that, and more. Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Jun 28, 2016

Admins, get ready for container-friendly VMware Photon

VMware made its name virtualizing servers and later with other proprietary technology, but it's reaching out to developers with its container-friendly, open source Project Photon. Continue Reading


By David Linthicum Problem Solve Jun 23, 2016

A custom cloud instance lets admins get choosey

Not satisfied with the standard instance types from your public cloud provider? Consider customizing your own to cut down on costs and unneeded resources. Continue Reading


By Rob Reilly Evaluate Jun 20, 2016

Desktop admins should try Raspberry Pi computers

Raspberry Pi computers could be en route to an office near you, so it's important to get up to speed on how they work and what you can do with them. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Mar 16, 2016

Mobile admins pucker up and try to 'KISS'

On the TV show The Office, Michael Scott imparts a key piece of advice to resident office oddball Dwight Schrute: "K-I-S-S. Keep it simple, stupid." Dwight sees that mantra as great advice even ... Continue Reading


Get Started Feb 29, 2016

An admin's guide to AWS data management

Enterprises migrating data to AWS are met with a myriad of storage, security and analytics options. Administrators should evaluate all avenues and craft a plan. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Jul 25, 2016

How will the hyper-converged data center affect storage admin roles?

Despite easier provisioning and policy-based management, the unique knowledge held by storage administrators remains essential in the age of hyper-convergence. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Feb 24, 2016

Information security resources for Exchange admins

There are a myriad of free and trial resources available that can help Exchange administrators increase their information security knowledge to better secure systems. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Evaluate Jul 22, 2016

Xeon E5 v4 workload and upgrade considerations for admins

Increased compute capabilities in the Intel Xeon E5 v4 and E7 v4 family help accommodate cloud and scale-up workloads -- but not everyone should rush to upgrade. Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo News Apr 12, 2016

Bring IT infrastructure admins along for the mobile ride

Organizations need the right infrastructure to support mobility. The IT admins in charge of those systems isn't always ready (or willing) to help. Continue Reading