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By Tash Shifrin Oct 24, 2006

Adobe betas Digital Editions

Adobe has launched a public beta of Digital Editions, an electronic book and magazine viewer. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Sep 06, 2005

Adobe upgrades server software

Adobe has improved its server software used for handling the flow of business forms in the PDF format. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Jan 06, 2005

Adobe unveils security software

Adobe has launched its LiveCycle Policy Server security software to help companies control and monitor electronic document usage... Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jul 23, 2009


By Antony Savvas Aug 19, 2005

Adobe issues critical Acrobat patch

Adobe Systems has issued a critical patch to fix a buffer overflow vulnerability in both its Adobe Acrobat document management system and the free Adobe Reader program. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Sep 22, 2010

Adobe sales grow 42%

Adobe has reported a 42% increase in revenue in its third financial quarter compared to the same period a year ago. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Apr 18, 2005

Adobe buys Macromedia

Adobe Systems is to acquire Macromedia, the company that makes the Flash web development platform, in an all-stock transaction... Continue Reading


Dec 14, 2001

Adobe posts profit shortfall

Software maker Adobe reported more than a 50% drop in net income for the fourth quarter of 2001, compared with the same quarter... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 08, 2010

Adobe releases critical security patches for Illustrator

Adobe has released security updates for critical vulnerabilities in Adobe... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 15, 2011

Adobe warns of zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash

Adobe has published a security advisory for a critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash that can be used to take control of an attacked machine. Continue Reading