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By Brian Holak News Jul 17, 2015

Adobe Flash vulnerabilities a tipping point for Mozilla, Facebook

Mozilla, Google and Facebook united in dissent following the discovery of more Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Why does it matter to CIOs? Also in Searchlight: Prime Day disappoints; Reddit resolves to clean up ... Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jun 23, 2015

Adobe releases emergency Flash zero-day patch

Adobe releases an emergency Flash Player patch for a zero-day flaw said to be used in a Chinese hacker group's phishing scheme. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 17, 2015

Cloud lessons Adobe can teach the channel

Adobe's move into the cloud is a couple of years old and there are certain lessons from its experience that can be shared with the channel Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Manage Jun 10, 2015

Manage compliance controls with Adobe Common Controls Framework

Adobe's Common Controls Framework sets an example for enterprises struggling to manage multiple compliance standards and looking to build their own compliance framework. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 13, 2015

Adobe to patch two more Flash flaws exposed by Hacking Team hack

Adobe plans to release security updates this week for two more Adobe Flash vulnerabilities exposed when hackers published documents belonging to Italy's controversial Hacking Team Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jul 08, 2015

Adobe patches Flash zero-day found in Hacking Team data breach

Adobe patches a Flash zero-day vulnerability found as part of the massive data breach of Hacking Team. Experts recommend speedy remediation as the flaw has been added to multiple exploit kits. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 08, 2015

Adobe patches weaponised Hacking Team zero-day vulnerability

Adobe is patching a zero-day vulnerability researchers say was weaponised immediately after data was breached from software firm Hacking Team Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Jan 13, 2015

Adobe Campaign pushes consumer personalization further

Adobe Campaign, the marketing automation tool in the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite, enables companies to use customer data to tailor marketing efforts. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jun 24, 2015

Adobe patches Flash Player vulnerability CVE-2015-3113

Security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux address vulnerability CVE-2015-3113 that allows attackers to control the system Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jul 14, 2015

July 2015 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft and Adobe attack Hacking Team zero-days

July 2015's Patch Tuesday shows both Microsoft and Adobe working fast to patch four Hacking Team zero-day vulnerabilities exposed in the past week. Continue Reading