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By Mike Chapple Problem Solve May 16, 2016

How encryption legislation could affect enterprises

The legal battle between the FBI and Apple brought encryption legislation into the public eye, for better or worse. Expert Mike Chapple discusses the effect of this on enterprises. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate May 13, 2016

How will the FTC lawsuit against Wyndham affect enterprises?

A recent FTC lawsuit against Wyndham Hotels highlighted concerns for enterprises that have suffered a data breach. Expert Mike Chapple discusses the case and its takeaways. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started May 10, 2016

How do SDK updates affect development timelines?

Our IT team is transitioning to more nimble software development through a DevOps model. What role do new SDKs play in software development and deployment? Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started Mar 09, 2016

How does converged infrastructure management affect IT?

Converged infrastructures eliminate technology silos in the data center. But organizational silos also need to be broken down to realize the technology's benefits. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Evaluate May 19, 2016

ProxyBack malware: How does it affect Internet proxies?

ProxyBack malware turns infected user systems into Internet proxies, which can obfuscate the attack source. Expert Nick Lewis explains how the malware works, and its purpose. Continue Reading


By Scott Sachs Evaluate Feb 02, 2016

How does the virtual contact center model affect the market?

The virtual contact center has become increasingly compelling. Why? Continue Reading


By Scott Sachs Manage Jan 25, 2016

How does social customer service affect contact centers?

As more consumers utilize social media customer service options, organizations are finding it's important to create strategies to handle company responses. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson News Jan 18, 2016

COO: VCE converged infrastructure not affected by Dell-EMC

VCE's converged systems cater to a wide array of users, but will still differ from Dell's converged products after the purchase of VCE's parent company, EMC, according to COO Todd Pavone. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Jan 13, 2016

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement affects security

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has riled up many in the security industry with some of its controversial provisions. Expert Mike Chapple explains its effect on cybersecurity. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Jan 12, 2016

How can security vendor hacks affect enterprises?

Several security vendors and providers have been hacked over the last year. Expert Michael Cobb explains how enterprises should prepare for a vendor hack. Continue Reading