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By Mike Chapple Evaluate May 27, 2015

How health information may affect the security of Internet of Things

The FTC wants to standardize the security of Internet of Things, but what does that mean for organizations handling PHI? Expert Mike Chapple breaks down the hype. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Apr 14, 2015

'Redirect to SMB' vulnerability affects all versions of Windows

The new 'Redirect to SMB' vulnerability is an update to an 18-year-old flaw that can lead to man-in-the-middle attacks on all versions of Windows. Continue Reading


By David Nikel Apr 13, 2015

IT error affects Nordea customers across Finland

Nordea's online systems are back up and running after an unspecified technical problem affected customers in Finland Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Get Started Apr 10, 2015

How will Android encryption by default affect enterprise BYOD?

Google is beginning to encrypt data by default on its Android devices. Expert Michael Cobb explains how this change will affect enterprise BYOD security. Continue Reading


By Erin Sullivan Evaluate Mar 31, 2015

Five ways VDI technology is affected by storage

Managing storage for your VDI infrastructure has progressed, but there are still some snags. Here are five ways to avoid VDI environment issues. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Mar 18, 2015

How will Shellshock affect PCI DSS audits for enterprises?

PCI DSS audits are sure to include a look at Shellshock mitigation. Expert Mike Chapple discusses how organizations can prepare. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate May 18, 2015

How do Xen hypervisor security updates affect the public cloud?

Public cloud providers were forced to reboot their cloud instances to implement Xen hypervisor security updates. Learn what these updates mean for public cloud security. Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Evaluate Feb 27, 2015

Which technology has affected tape storage capacity the most?

Learn how Barium Ferrite perpendicular magnetic recording has impacted tape storage. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Feb 25, 2015

How do Hyper-V Integration Components affect performance?

What are Hyper-V Integration Components, and are there any recommendations for boosting virtual machine performance? Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Evaluate Feb 18, 2015

How AWS PCI compliance affects enterprise PCI compliance

Before deploying an AWS infrastructure, it is critical to understand how it will affect enterprise PCI compliance. Expert Rob Shapland discusses key factors to consider. Continue Reading