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Oct 13, 2005

Symantec affected by security flaws

The latest in a plague of security flaws affecting vendors has now caught up with Symantec. Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner News Dec 30, 2004

Flaws affect Symantec's Nexland appliances

Vulnerabilities discovered in Symantec's Firewall/VPN and Gateway Security products last fall also affect the company's Nexland appliances. Continue Reading


By Naeem Hashmi Manage Apr 19, 2013

Care providers and other areas affected by big data in healthcare

See which areas of the market healthcare big data is affecting, or may affect in the future. Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner News Feb 09, 2005

Major flaw affects multiple Symantec products

Symantec fixes a high-risk vulnerability affecting a variety of products. Continue Reading


By Tony Bradley Problem solve Oct 07, 2008

Will encrypting UC traffic negatively affect availability?

Learn how to encrypt unified communications (UC) traffic within your organization without negatively affecting availability. Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner News Dec 02, 2004

Library flaws affect Solaris with Netscape

Sun Microsystems warned users that libpng vulnerabilities affect Solaris systems running the Netscape browser. A fix is in the works. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 27, 2006

Row affected by last DML operation

How can I find the row of a table that was affected by the last DML operation? Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Aug 06, 2007

Unilever job cuts will affect IT staff

Unilever says its plans to cut 20,000 jobs will affect all functional areas of the business, including IT. Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner News May 19, 2005

Windows flaw fixed, but Cisco products affected

Microsoft says the flaw reported by a French security group was already patched. Meanwhile, Cisco says variants of the same vulnerability affect several of its products. Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner Jun 05, 2007

Zero-day flaws affect Firefox, IE

A researcher published details on four new zero-day flaws affecting Firefox and Internet Explorer. They could be exploited to log keystrokes, download malware and steal cookies. Continue Reading