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Android Instant Apps is like App-V for Android

By Gabe Knuth 06 Nov 2017

Android Instant Apps sounds a lot like traditional app streaming, and though it is similar on the surface, there are some key differences. Ultimately, though, it's still about delivering parts of apps that users ... Read More

Android KRACK flaw patched in latest security update

By Michael Heller 08 Nov 2017

The latest security release from Google patched the Android KRACK vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi's WPA2 protocol, but update confusion leaves users unsure if they are safe. Read More

Ok Google: What's New in Android Oreo?

By David McClelland 22 Aug 2017

Google announces Android Oreo with refined notifications, better battery life, updated emojis and ‘the biggest change to the foundations of Android to date’. Google has opened the packet on version ... Read More

How can Android app permissions be exploited by attackers?

By Michael Cobb 18 Oct 2017

A recently discovered Android app permissions flaw can expose users to attacks. Michael Cobb explains what the risks are and how Android O security will help users. Read More

Android adds zero-touch provisioning for corporate devices

By Colin Steele 21 Sep 2017

New Android device enrollment capabilities let IT configure settings and EMM before deploying to users -- but they have some manufacturer limitations. Read More

How is Pegasus malware different on Android than on iOS?

By Michael Cobb 11 Sep 2017

Pegasus malware used to only target iOS devices, but a variant called Chrysaor now goes after Android devices, too. Expert Michael Cobb explains what users need to know about it. Read More

Six new vulnerabilities in Android bootloaders uncovered

By Madelyn Bacon 08 Sep 2017

News roundup: Researchers used the new BootStomp tool to uncover six vulnerabilities in Android bootloaders. Plus, a new wave of AWS S3 bucket data leaks strikes and more. Read More

WireX botnet: How did it use infected Android apps?

By Matthew Pascucci 08 Nov 2017

To avoid a mobile device catastrophe, several large tech organizations came together to stop the WireX botnet. Learn how this Android botnet with 300 infected apps was stopped. Read More

Oh, it's Android O... me want cookie

By Adrian Bridgwater 16 Aug 2017

Android is set for an update and the next version is codenamed "O". The Google-developed mobile operating system has been in open beta for some time now, reaching alpha stage developer preview ... Read More

How does Google Play Protect aim to improve Android security?

By Michael Cobb 16 Oct 2017

Google's new security platform, Google Play Protect, looks to decrease Android app security threats through machine learning. Michael Cobb explains how the new platform works. Read More