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By Matthew David Evaluate Oct 22, 2015

Should I support Android in the Enterprise?

Is it worth an organization's time to support the use of Android in the enterprise? The answer is yes, and contributor Matthew David explains why. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Oct 13, 2015


By Michael Heller News Oct 01, 2015

Android Stagefright 2.0 affects all 1.4 billion Android devices

The Android Stagefright vulnerability has been updated to version 2.0, as the original researcher found the flaw in all versions of Android released to date. Google has promised a fix within days. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Evaluate Sep 09, 2015

Learn more about the Android Studio IDE from Google

Android Studio IDE from Google allows developers to build apps running on mobile, desktop and other emerging technologies running on Android. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Oct 30, 2015

Google set to merge ChromeOS with Android

Google's experiment to establish its second operating system – ChromeOS – is expected to merge into a future Android release Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 22, 2015

Android security improving, but enterprises should proceed with caution

Enterprises need to think about the risks as well as the benefits of the Android operating system, cautions a forensics expert Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Problem Solve Oct 21, 2015

How to troubleshoot Android Wi-Fi connection problems

Android smartphone and tablet users now abound in the enterprise, making Android Wi-Fi connection troubleshooting a key element of enterprise wireless network connection management. Continue Reading


By Matt Schulz Evaluate Oct 20, 2015

Android enterprise features improve, but could still do more

Although Google keeps making Android enterprise features better, fragmentation still causes IT headaches. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Aug 07, 2015

Learn the fundamentals of Android app security

Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems, but its openness and diversity create application security challenges. Learn what IT can do to fight back. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Oct 13, 2015

How Android for Work positions Google's OS for the enterprise

Android for Work makes Google's mobile OS more IT friendly. Key features such as work profiles keep business and personal data separate. Continue Reading