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By Jack Wallen Evaluate Mar 28, 2016

How Android app permissions work in Marshmallow

The latest Android operating system, Marshmallow, improves the mobile user experience -- and IT security -- by providing more granular control over app permissions. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Jan 26, 2016

So that's what Android is doing for Google

Billy MacInnes pores over recent details of the contribution that the Android OS is making to Google Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 24, 2016

Android N security updates leave unanswered questions

Google unveiled the next version of its mobile OS, and Android N security will be improved in a few ways, although Google still can't fix OS updates. Continue Reading


By Jack Wallen Evaluate May 24, 2016

Are BlackBerry Android phones a fit for the enterprise?

With a new BlackBerry Android phone, the flailing company hopes to turn its sinking ship around. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started May 19, 2016

How does SlemBunk collect Android user credentials?

An Android Trojan called SlemBunk is impersonating banking applications in order to collect user credentials. Expert Nick Lewis explains the security measures to stop this malware. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 18, 2016

Android clickjacking attack research updated but questions remain

New research claims more than 95% of Android devices are vulnerable to clickjacking attacks, but the true danger may not be that severe. Continue Reading


By Jack Madden Manage Mar 09, 2016

Understand Android for Work features and challenges

Google hasn't had a great track record when it comes to enterprise security and management capabilities on its Android OS, but Android for Work changes all that. Continue Reading


By Erin Dale Evaluate May 09, 2016

Android N features have enterprise appeal

Android 7.0, code-named N, is on its way. The new OS updates Android for Work and other features. Expert Jack Wallen discusses what else is new in the Android N preview. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Get Started May 03, 2016

How do I connect to JSON APIs in an Android project?

In this article, mobile expert Matthew David walks developers through some of the most effective ways to connect to JSON APIs in an Android-based project. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 19, 2016

Most Android devices running outdated versions

Nearly a third of Android devices in enterprises today are running version 4.0 or older of the operating system, leaving them highly susceptible to vulnerabilities, a study shows Continue Reading