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Apache: Apache is a freely available Web server that is distributed under an "open source" license.

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By Adrian Bridgwater News Jul 27, 2016

What does the Apache Kudu say?

Some software development operations (on the straight up vendor side) have marketing managers, evangelists and product leads. Other software operations have all-volunteer developers, stewards and ... Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie Evaluate Jul 22, 2016

Apache Arrow to revolutionize big data analytics performance

Apache Arrow will not only improve the performance of your big data analytics engines, but it will make system interoperability more efficient as well. Continue Reading


By Jessica Twentyman Aug 20, 2016

Apache Spark grows in popularity as Hadoop-based data lakes fill up

Apache Spark is growing in popularity and finding real-time use across Europe, including in online betting and on railways, and with Hadoop Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Mar 21, 2016

Apache open source Java tool for PDF work

Apache PDFBox allows for the creation of new PDF documents, manipulation, rendering, signing of existing documents and the ability to extract content from documents. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News Jun 17, 2016

Apache Spark streaming analytics engine key to integrating big data

Learn how a variety of improvements to the open source Apache Spark streaming analytics engine promises to improve the development of big data applications. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 09, 2016

Apache Drill case study: A tutorial on processing CSV files

Rob Terpilowski decided to take Apache Drill for a test drive and use it for processing CSV files. Here's a quick tutorial to show how you can do it to. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Sep 29, 2015

Notes from the keynote: Apache Big Data & ApacheCon Core Europe 2015

Conferences come and go, but Apache: Big Data Europe and its sister event ApacheCon Core Europe 2015 is kind of special as it's a pure and thoroughbred user conference. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Sep 24, 2015

What to expect from Apache: Big Data Budapest & ApacheCon Core Europe 2015

What to expect from Apache: Big Data Budapest & ApacheCon Core Europe 2015 Continue Reading


Manage Aug 27, 2015

Hortonworks optimizes Apache Hadoop performance

Hortonworks has recently introduced new products to help enhance Apache Hadoop performance. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan ,Ed Burns Evaluate Mar 29, 2016

Apache Spark architecture declares independence in some big data apps

It comes as no great surprise that the Apache Spark architecture has been horning in on the batch processing domain once controlled by Hadoop's MapReduce. But that's only part of the story. With data processing, ... Continue Reading