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Apache: Apache is a freely available Web server that is distributed under an "open source" license.

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By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Feb 06, 2015

Apache Spark trumps MapReduce in speed, flexibility

The processing engine’s in-memory computing layer can supposedly run batch-processing programs 100 times faster. Does the vendor hype equal user adoption? Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Mar 13, 2015

Cloudera CEO Reilly: ODP is 'affront to the Apache Software Foundation'

The Open Data Platform initiative is “an affront to the Apache Software Foundation”, says Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Dec 11, 2014

Talend 5.6 adopts Apache Storm and Spark for real-time BI

A German company vies with the likes of Amazon by adding Apache Storm and Spark to its portfolio, along with Talend 5.6 data integration. Continue Reading

How to Tackle Data Growth

Sponsored Oct 10, 2014

Apache CloudStack and Flash Technology Power Massive Private Cloud in Brazil

For some enterprises, the move from a legacy IT architecture to a private cloud is an option they continue to evaluate. For the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, one of the world’s leading research ... Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Jun 18, 2014

Apache Kafka committer Jay Kreps on the way of the log

To keep big data in motion, LinkedIn developers devised Apache Kafka, a publish-and-subscribe message dispatcher based on the concept of logs. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Sep 25, 2014

MapR supports latest Apache Drill; InfiniDB closes shop

News briefs describe MapR's latest Hadoop distribution, which includes Apache Drill for SQL analytics. Also, InfiniDB said it will close down business. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Sep 15, 2014

Apache Sqoop a crucial link for big data analytics in the cloud

Hadoop is becoming the popular enterprise choice for big data analytics, but getting your data there isn't so simple. Apache Sqoop is stepping in to help bring the vital data from your database to Hadoop. Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Jul 10, 2014

Apache Spark in-memory prowess ignites interest in big data circles

Data scientists look to Apache Spark to ask the really big data questions and get answers faster. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 09, 2014

What difference does integrating SAP HANA with Apache Spark make?

Do the newly announced ties between the SAP HANA platform and the Apache Spark ecosystem offer any real benefit, or is the integration just hype? Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Jul 03, 2014

News recap: Apache Spark's big week and organizing BI

A number of vendors announced new Apache Spark integrations this week, and a report from Dresner Advisory Services explains how businesses are organizing their BI programs. Continue Reading