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News Mar 30, 2010

Virtual appliances vs. Physical appliances

Appliance-style computing was initially advanced as cheaper and more robust than server-based computing. Now some say virtual appliances may displace physical appliances. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 31, 2002

Use server appliances for services

What server appliances are, and what they're good for. Continue Reading


By Michael Brandenburg News Apr 28, 2011

Replacing hardware-based network appliances with virtual appliances

With virtual appliances, enterprises can move network services from dedicated network appliance hardware into the virtual environment. Continue Reading


By Mark Brunelli News Dec 04, 2007

Demystifying data warehouse appliances

Experts make sense out of the many different definitions of data warehouse appliances while offering advice for potential appliance buyers. Continue Reading


By Mike Rothman Problem Solve Oct 10, 2008

Comparing cheap security products and appliances to costly appliances

Security appliances range widely in cost and capability, so what's the best way to decide the right appliance for your enterprise? In this security management expert response, learn how to work with vendors to get ... Continue Reading


Nov 28, 2005

Tech Report: Replication appliances

This Tech Report helps you learn what you need to know about replication appliances. Continue Reading


By Jerome Wendt Evaluate Apr 02, 2007

Choosing a file virtualization appliance

Five items to consider before you select and implement a file virtualization appliance. Continue Reading


By Mark Vaughn News Apr 15, 2010

The evolution of the virtual appliance marketplace

Back in the days of BEA WebLogic, the virtual appliance marketplace was still on the fringe of IT. But virtual appliances are finally catching on. Continue Reading


By Jo Maitland Apr 26, 2006

EMC plots appliance strategy

EMC launches second appliance for application discovery and says many more are on the way. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 04, 2005

Products of the Year: Security appliances

Information Security magazine unveils the best security appliances of 2004. Continue Reading