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Focus: Application Development

13 Oct 2017

This e-guide focuses on application virtualisation and how big companies are finding various ways to stop applications adversely affecting each other. Read More

Security for applications: What tools and principles work?

By Paul Rostick 27 Nov 2017

Better app security requires both designing security in and protecting it from without. Learn how to work it from both angles and what tools you'll need for the job. Read More

What to know about cloud-native application development

By Zachary Flower 27 Nov 2017

Developing an app should be about figuring out the what, where and why, not the how. Cloud-native app development combined with API-first development answers these questions. Read More

Rearchitect applications for cloud with these five tips

By Tom Nolle 20 Nov 2017

It's difficult to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing when you simply migrate an app as is. Instead, consider rearchitecting your app -- and start with these five steps. Read More

Safety of Web Applications

22 Sep 2017

In this excerpt from chapter three of Safety of Web Applications, author Eric Quinton discusses symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Read More

Know the ins and outs of an enterprise application project

By Brian Kirsch 12 Dec 2017

It's not just developers and operations admins who need to plan an application launch or update together -- bring in every connected department to ensure nobody gets caught by surprise. Read More

Build an application migration plan step by step

By Paul Korzeniowski 11 Dec 2017

To migrate apps to the cloud, start with nonessential workloads and move to more mission-critical ones from there. But, remember, some apps might not be suited for cloud at all. Read More

The definitive application virtualization capacity plan

By Robert Sheldon 05 Oct 2017

Application virtualization capacity planning comes down to four main points of emphasis, including knowing user needs and understanding hardware requirements. Read More

Hortilux uses Mendix-powered application to digitise greenhouses

By Cliff Saran 07 Dec 2017

Grow light maker shifts from product to digitally enabled service to support greenhouse growers Read More

TSB moves to Microsoft cloud applications

By Karl Flinders 03 Oct 2017

TSB bank is moving more of its productivity business software to the cloud, with Microsoft 365 products next in line Read More