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By Robin F. Goldsmith Get Started Jun 24, 2015


By Tom Nolle Get Started Jun 10, 2015

Understanding application integration architecture

Tom Nolle shows how enterprise architecture, componentization, evolving development processes and the cloud have changed application integration architecture. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Manage Jul 22, 2015

What should mobile application design priorities be?

Careful planning must happen when developing a mobile application design. Read an expert's reasoning. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Jul 16, 2015

Are PaaS database applications more secure than IaaS applications?

Choosing between a platform as a service database and an infrastructure as a service database when it comes to large amounts of data can be challenging. Expert Dan Sullivan explains the security factors to keep in ... Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 22, 2015

How to test mobile responsive design applications

Two experts offer 10 tips for testing mobile responsive design applications, with or without software requirements. Continue Reading


Jun 15, 2015

Financial applications are on a journey to the cloud

CFOs in Europe embrace cloud-based financial applications as a result of security and delivery model improvements Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Jun 12, 2015

VMware angles for control of containerized applications

VMware built its business on its hypervisor, but its new infrastructure offerings are positioned to keep it relevant in the container world. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Evaluate Jun 11, 2015

Matching applications to the right converged technologies

Users in the data center share how the converged technology they chose -- from hyper-converged infrastructure to appliance -- meets the needs of a given application. Continue Reading


By Mark Vaughn Get Started Jun 09, 2015

More mission-critical applications should be virtual

Virtualization can bring many benefits to mission-critical workloads, as long as organizations can get over their initial anxiety. Continue Reading


By David Essex Evaluate Apr 07, 2015

What to consider before moving applications to the cloud

Before choosing to put applications in the cloud, organizations need to identify the business problems that they are trying to solve -- especially the problems that set them apart from other companies. Continue Reading