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By Joel Shore Manage Oct 26, 2015

Connecting applications in the API economy

In this podcast, MuleSoft's Ross Mason discusses the rise of the API economy and why APIs play a key role in IT's burgeoning effort to connect assets to customers. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Oct 13, 2015


Nov 16, 2015

Essential guide to mobile application platforms

Mobile apps have come to dominate the experience of consumer smartphone users, and that trend is increasingly influencing corporate software development too. Employees on the move want to access key business ... Continue Reading


By Adam Hughes Get Started Sep 22, 2015

What to know before migrating applications to the cloud

From DevOps to DR, there's a lot to consider before migrating an app to the cloud. Cloud expert Robert Green explains what businesses should keep in mind. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Oct 24, 2015


By George Crump News Jul 30, 2015

The bleeding edge of backup applications

Today's backup software does more than just copy data. These platforms are evolving to support faster restores, disaster recovery, and even archiving. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Nov 25, 2015

Cisco launches open tech for containerized applications

Cisco has launched an open source project, called Contiv, to build technology that automates the use of security, storage and networking in cloud-based containerized applications. Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford Manage Sep 23, 2015

How middleware software speeds application delivery

BMC experts discuss how middleware software and automation trends are helping to guide applications along with operating systems. Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Nov 23, 2015

Mainframe applications may not be as secure as you think

Mainframes are well-suited for mobile apps, and though these systems are known to be safe, there are ways to tighten mainframe security. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Nov 20, 2015

Aerohive API platform delivers business application data

Aerohive has unveiled an API platform that delivers wireless network data to business application developers. Continue Reading