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By George Crump News Jul 30, 2015

The bleeding edge of backup applications

Today's backup software does more than just copy data. These platforms are evolving to support faster restores, disaster recovery, and even archiving. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Aug 20, 2015

Extending Microsoft Azure applications with connectors

Connectors have different uses. Certain Microsoft APIs, or connectors, can ease Azure applications development and improve Office 365 functionality. Continue Reading


By Bill Claybrook Evaluate Aug 19, 2015

Tips for deploying cloud applications on GCE

Cloud application developers should select an IaaS platform carefully. To aid your selection, here are pros and cons of deploying cloud applications on GCE. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Get Started Jun 24, 2015


By Joel Shore Manage Aug 07, 2015

Challenges of developing applications for mobile platforms

This podcast explores developing applications and the challenges for independent app developers across various mobile platforms. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Get Started Jun 10, 2015

Understanding application integration architecture

Tom Nolle shows how enterprise architecture, componentization, evolving development processes and the cloud have changed application integration architecture. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Manage Jul 22, 2015

What should mobile application design priorities be?

Careful planning must happen when developing a mobile application design. Read an expert's reasoning. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Jul 16, 2015

Are PaaS database applications more secure than IaaS applications?

Choosing between a platform as a service database and an infrastructure as a service database when it comes to large amounts of data can be challenging. Expert Dan Sullivan explains the security factors to keep in ... Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Aug 27, 2015

Containerized applications pose challenges for vSphere admins

Containers have introduced a new way for developers to produce code -- and more anxiety for administrators who need visibility for troubleshooting. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Aug 27, 2015

Application modernisation remains a top CIO priority

Targeting legacy is a key focus for IT departments as they shift more applications onto the cloud Continue Reading