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Cloudflare Access takes on VPNs with reverse proxy approach

By Rob Wright 17 Jan 2018

Cloudflare takes inspiration from Google's BeyondCorp with a new service called Cloudflare Access, which aims to replace corporate VPNs and embrace perimeter-less security. Read More

BookingBug formalises channel approach

By Simon Quicke 16 Nov 2017

Booking appointment specialist is recruiting more resellers as it look to increase indirect business Read More

Australia's holistic approach to enterprise mobility

By Beverley Head 03 Nov 2017

As one of the most progressive markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is taking a more proactive approach towards enterprise mobility Read More

CRM chatbots of tomorrow approach and engage customers

By Don Fluckinger 04 Jan 2018

Chatbots find a beachhead on social sites as customers seek information and customer service there. But are these bots 'human' enough to get the job done? Read More

Syscap rebranded as parent opts for more unified approach

By Simon Quicke 02 Jan 2018

Just shy of three years after Syscap was acquired by Wesleyan Bank the operation is going through a rebrand Read More

Baked-in cybersecurity approach needed to repel attacks

By Jason Sparapani 29 Dec 2017

A government CIO says the bolt-on cybersecurity approach many organizations take today is faulty. Cybersecurity should be present from the start. Read More

SDN is viable approach to networking containers

By Lee Doyle 27 Dec 2017

SDN and other software-based approaches could be key requirements for networking containers, especially when it comes to providing scalability and visibility. Read More

Buying process aping the consumer approach

By Simon Quicke 13 Oct 2017

Research from Forrester has revealed that the approaches of the past are no longer going to work with customers now holding much more control Read More

Cyber security demands change in approach

By Warwick Ashford 21 Sep 2017

There needs to be a change in the way technology is designed and in attitudes to data security to ensure cyber safety, say industry experts Read More

How to approach virtual app and VDI capacity planning

By Eddie Lockhart 28 Nov 2017

To successfully virtualize apps or desktops, IT pros must understand how their existing systems work to predict capacity needs. They should also examine how users work with apps. Read More