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By Steve Weissman Get Started Oct 21, 2015

A three-step approach to retaining data

Retaining data because you can invites computing costs and legal liabilities, but dumping everything isn't the answer either. Here is a three-step approach to address the problem. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 29, 2015

Why is Docker's container approach so important?

Docker's name has become synonymous with containers, but there are other container management tools available. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Manage Nov 24, 2015

Should we take a mobile-first approach to development?

More and more companies are placing emphasis on the idea of 'mobile first.' But what does it mean to take a mobile-first approach to development? Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Nov 20, 2015

Closely manage your hybrid cloud approach

Hybrid clouds are a fit for many enterprises, albeit convoluted to set up. IT pros must identify the right cloud providers for workloads and develop strategies to overcome hurdles. Continue Reading


News Nov 11, 2015

As the BYOD trend fades, a more holistic approach emerges

The BYOD trend isn't as relevant as it once was. Enterprise mobility today is about much more than employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work. Organizations instead need to focus on mobile apps, ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 03, 2015

The best endpoint security approach in this interconnected age

Some endpoint security suites have reached a level where they create almost all the capabilities of an enterprise in microcosm. New emphasis has been placed on protections that don't depend on traditional static ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Oct 19, 2015

Cohesity founder: Secondary data needs a new approach

Cohesity founder Mohit Aron claims the Cohesity Data Platform can consolidate all secondary data functions, similar to the way Nutanix hyper-converged primary storage. Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Oct 14, 2015

Puppet Enterprise offers declarative approach to automation

Puppet Enterprise allows organizations to update integration environments with a declarative approach to IT automation. The latest version features DevOps management tools. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Manage Oct 13, 2015

Be cautious when approaching vSphere maximums

Make sure to avoid reaching the limits set by vSphere, you could experience poor performance. Continue Reading


By Dan Kusnetzky Manage Jul 31, 2015

Reduce costs with a hybrid cloud approach

Cloud service providers and in-house options both have pros and cons, so a hybrid cloud approach could be the right fit. Continue Reading