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When to use published apps vs. streaming apps

By Brien Posey 25 Oct 2017

Don't get lost in application delivery. Compare application publishing and streaming to find the best option for an organization's unique setup and needs. Read More

How to fit companion apps into the desktop workflow

By Robert Sheldon 17 Nov 2017

Organizations looking for increased work access should look at companion apps, which can integrate mobile flexibility with established desktop infrastructures. Read More

Fake WhatsApp app downloaded 1 million times

By Michael Heller 07 Nov 2017

A fake WhatsApp app bypassed Google's Play Store checks and was downloaded 1 million times, but one expert said Google's store is still the safest place to get apps. Read More

Android Instant Apps is like App-V for Android

By Gabe Knuth 06 Nov 2017

Android Instant Apps sounds a lot like traditional app streaming, and though it is similar on the surface, there are some key differences. Ultimately, though, it's still about delivering parts of apps that users ... Read More

Build and deploy apps with a mobile app development platform

By Robert Sheldon 21 Aug 2017

Mobile app dev platforms are comprehensive tools that let organizations build, test and manage mobile apps, which can help to streamline operations and control costs. Read More

Container technologies for cloud-native apps

30 Oct 2017

A deep dive exploring the layers that go into a container-based platform for enterprise applications Read More

What to expect from AppDynamics Summit 2017

By Adrian Bridgwater 19 Oct 2017

First the Earth cooled... and then there were tools, devices, machines and eventually software applications - then, finally, we started calling them apps. In the second age of man (and woman and ... Read More

A smorgasbord of apps

By Colin Steele 21 Apr 2017

I love ice cream. There's a small stand down the street from my house that I frequent during the summer. I spend my time in line staring at the dozens of flavors, pondering my options. Mint ... Read More

What is a progressive web app?

By Adrian Bridgwater 24 Jul 2017

Build once, deploy everywhere. We've heard it all before haven't we? Discussion now surfaces on a 'new' type of application. One that is being the progressive web app (or PWA, if you must). So what ... Read More

How should you start the process of mobile app development?

By Robert Sheldon 20 Nov 2017

IT teams must go into the mobile app development process with a strong plan for implementation. Know which tools and types of apps work best for the organization ahead of time. Read More