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By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Aug 18, 2016


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Aug 18, 2016


By Joel Shore Evaluate Oct 27, 2016

NativeScript eases cross-platform app development for music app

ShoutOutPlay app records and then blends user greetings with Spotify streams. The app runs natively on Android and iOS from a single NativeScript code base that compiles to JavaScript. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Oct 25, 2016

Mobile apps to take over HR technology

Smartphone apps are the next frontier for human resources technology, according to HR technology analyst Josh Bersin Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Sep 27, 2016

How did a malicious app slip past Google Play app store security?

A malicious app called Black Jack Free was able to bypass Google Play's app store security. Expert Michael Cobb explains the threat and how enterprises should defend themselves. Continue Reading


By Chris Moyer Evaluate Sep 27, 2016

AWS development tools shore up apps

AWS has a diverse customer base that deploys a breadth of apps. Certain methods such as IAM can help secure an app regardless of its content or target audience. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Evaluate Sep 19, 2016

Who should build tomorrow's cloud and mobile apps?

It hasn't taken long -- only about a year -- for so-called no-code/low-code application development tools to go from loathed to loved. But, as someone who makes your living as a professional ... Continue Reading


News Jul 19, 2016

The underlying costs of cloud apps

Moving to the cloud is supposed to save enterprises tons of money. And in most cases, that's true. But where it isn't always accurate lies in the cloud apps that many enterprises migrate their workloads to. That's ... Continue Reading


By David Maldow Evaluate Oct 28, 2016

Exploring the Blue Jeans video conferencing service and apps

High interoperability with other video conferencing providers and no on-premises hardware are the fabric of the Blue Jeans video conferencing service. Continue Reading