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News May 08, 2015

There's an enterprise app store for that

Applications are the new stars of the enterprise computing show. Users love apps, but there are so many of them, and they can run on such a variety of different platforms, it's enough to make heads spin throughout ... Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Apr 01, 2015

Repackaged apps: Defending against fake apps in the enterprise

Repackaged applications can present multiple enterprise security risks. Expert Nick Lewis explains what these fake apps are and how to defend against them. Continue Reading


By John Burke ,Glen Kemp Manage May 15, 2015

How to manage apps and make them behave

In today's competitive world, application performance is more important than ever. Enterprises are relying on a new generation of tools designed to let them diagnose application performance management issues -- ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders May 11, 2015

Santander launches 'Boris bike' app

Santander has released an app that allows people to book a 'Boris bike' via their mobile phone Continue Reading


May 06, 2015

EMC cuts ribbon on app marketplace

EMC has used its annual shindig in Las Vegas to unveil a different way that customers can access services Continue Reading


By Tom Walat Evaluate Jan 26, 2015

How does VMware App Volumes differ from ThinApp?

VMware App Volumes, formerly CloudVolumes, is the virtualization company's attempt to speed application deployments and reduce IT headaches. Continue Reading


By Mary Driscoll Evaluate Apr 07, 2015

Financial apps in the cloud? Count on it

As the business world becomes more mobile, its cloud comfort level on financial apps will reach greater heights. Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Feb 06, 2015

Universal apps in the enterprise

Windows 10 offers a new application platform, called universal apps. Should businesses consider using universal apps for new applications Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Mar 25, 2015

How can malicious apps posing as real apps be detected?

Malware masquerading as legitimate applications is a rising problem. Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis outlines how to detect and mitigate this type of malware. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Mar 25, 2015

Santander launches ISA mobile app

Spanish banking giant Santander launches a mobile app to help consumers navigate the ISA market Continue Reading