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By Alex Scroxton Jun 21, 2016

Angus Council signs up to Scottish Wide Area Network

Angus Council has become the latest local authority in Scotland to sign up to the Scottish Wide Area Network, or Swan, for enhanced public services delivery Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 19, 2016

IBM’s growth in strategic areas helps beat revenue expectations

IBM continues to bet on strategic businesses such as cloud, which delivered 30% growth in the second quarter despite an overall revenue decline for the period of 3% compared with 2015 Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Evaluate Mar 23, 2016

Cloud recovery service providers: Areas of concern

Discover why location, networking, failback and SLAs are important in picking a cloud disaster recovery service. Then find out what it takes to implement it. Continue Reading


By David Jacobs Evaluate Feb 25, 2016

SDN improves delivery of services in metropolitan area networks

Providers have historically faced long delays in delivering new services to metropolitan networks. Analyst David Jacobs explains how SDN will change that. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 20, 2016

IBM beats estimates with growth in strategic areas

IBM claims its transformation efforts are working, but share prices dropped on news of a fall in revenue for the 15th consecutive quarter Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jun 21, 2016


By Brien Posey Evaluate Feb 29, 2016

DRaaS vendors: Nine areas to assess in the vetting process

From performance and cost to infrastructure and scalability, there is a lot to compare when selecting a DRaaS provider. This checklist will help you make the right choice. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Feb 22, 2016

How can I clean up the notifications area on the Windows 10 taskbar?

If your Windows 10 taskbar is overcrowded with notifications, you can disable them on an app-by-app basis. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly May 27, 2016

IT Priorities 2016: Server virtualisation is top datacentre infrastructure investment area for CIOs

The 2016 Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities poll suggests server virtualisation remains the key datacentre investment area for CIOs Continue Reading


Feb 08, 2016

Security Think Tank: Ransomware defence requires focus on three key areas

What is the best strategy for business to protect against ransomware? Continue Reading