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Training in key areas being offered to resellers

By Simon Quicke 03 Jan 2018

The year is just a few days old and already vendors are making sure that the channel can get access to training to support some of the key areas Read More

Personal data an area to work on before GDPR arrives

By Simon Quicke 07 Nov 2017

The deadline for GDPR is moving closer but SMEs continue to struggle with working out just what personal data they are holding on customers Read More

Skills are an area where the channel can add value

By Zach Emmanuel 03 Oct 2017

Customers want help with digital transformation and technology and those in the channel investing in skills will be best placed to serve them Read More

Local area network design gets boost from SDN

By Jean DerGurahian 01 Sep 2017

Network pros improve LAN design, especially in automating policies, with software-defined network functions, or 'SDN-lite,' even if true full-featured SDN is still out of reach. Read More

Security Think Tank: Three areas of web security challenges

By Peter Wenham 02 Nov 2017

What are the main web security challenges for organisations and how are they best addressed? Read More

ECW False Claims Act violation a new area of healthcare fraud

By Kristen Lee 04 Aug 2017

As a wake-up call to other health IT vendors, the OIG's senior counsel airs a video in which he calls eClinicalWorks' False Claims Act violation a 'new area of healthcare fraud.' Read More

Threat hunting defined: What you need to know about this emerging area

By David Bianco 08 Jun 2017

In this video, David Bianco, technology advisor at Sqrrl, describes the key objectives of the emerging threat hunter role in enterprise cybersecurity organizations. Read More

Security Think Tank: 10 control areas to mitigate against malware attacks

By Rory Alsop 23 May 2017

What strategies should organisations follow to block malware attachments which continue to account for two-thirds of malware infections that result in data breaches? Read More

Machine learning tipped to be a growth area

By Simon Quicke 06 Jan 2017

Avnet, CSC and Microsoft are just a handful of those backing machine learning as an area that will be reaping revenues for the channel Read More

Brave new WAN: Technologies emerge to transform wide area networks

19 Apr 2017

In the blink of an eye, the formerly staid wide area network has become a brave new world, defined by rapid change and innovation, and the subject of plenty of industry buzz. Emerging WAN technologies -- from ... Read More