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By Maxine Giza Nov 13, 2014


By Kayleigh Bateman Nov 01, 2014


By Caroline Baldwin Dec 23, 2013


By Ed Burns Get Started Apr 18, 2014

Laws leave gray area between big data and privacy

Laws on data collection and use remain foggy, leaving businesses to feel their way through big data and privacy laws. Continue Reading


By Trevor Strome Get Started Apr 07, 2014

Five areas of focus for a healthcare business intelligence program

Defining healthcare business intelligence is the first step towards its use. A book on the subject has all of its definitions covered. Continue Reading


By Todd Biske Evaluate Apr 02, 2014

Five capability areas integration point technologies should provide

Modern technologies are now embracing the fact that an integration point, aka an API, needs to be managed inside and outside the firewall. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 28, 2014

Tag management: Emerging areas for predictive analytics

Tag management is one emerging technology for predictive analytics. Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Manage Mar 25, 2014

Six areas your storage SLA should cover

What's covered in an SLA can vary, but a contract covering these six areas is designed to help both companies and providers meet their service goals. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jun 18, 2014

Superfast broadband bypassing deprived urban areas, says Ofcom

Ofcom report reveals that deprived communities in Britain’s inner cities are suffering from the same slow broadband speeds found in rural areas Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Evaluate May 19, 2014

Six areas of concern for every mHealth app developer

Ease of use, integration into care and level of specificity are a few metrics by which the success of an mHeath app can be determined. Continue Reading