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By Gina Narcisi News Dec 11, 2014

Arista EOS+ puts more switch programmability into enterprise hands

Arista introduced Arista EOS+, a more programmable version of its switch OS, and professional services to help take advantage of that programmability. Continue Reading


News May 09, 2011

Arista flips on the open source switch

The Linux-based Arista EOS will now be supported by an online development community that will welcome network engineers to build applications for these open source switches. Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Dec 09, 2014

Cisco-Arista patent dispute could get ugly

The Cisco-Arista legal dispute will disrupt Arista, worry customers and possibly tarnish Cisco's reputation. Continue Reading


By Rivka Gewirtz Little News Aug 16, 2012

Arista: SDN is about programmable networks not overlays

Arista EOS already lets engineers build programmable networks and provision network segments, so why bother with software defined network overlays? Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Sep 20, 2012

Cisco Nexus 3548 and Arista 7150: Duelling ultra-low-latency switches

With the Nexus 3548 and the Arista 7150, Cisco and Arista each offer an ultra-low-latency switch with deep features and functionality. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 07, 2013

ComputerLinks signs up SDN specialist Arista Networks

ComputerLinks has made moves to increase the data centre services it offers resellers by signing up software defined networking specialist Arista Networks Continue Reading


By Rivka Gewirtz Little News Jan 27, 2012

Network Innovation Award: Arista open source network operating system

With open source network software, Arista users can program networks to be reactive for dynamic provisioning. Arista is the first winner of our Networking Innovation Award. Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Apr 04, 2013

Arista OpenFlow support and OpenStack integration arrive

Arista adds OpenFlow 1.0 support and enables unified physical and virtual network orchestration via OpenStack. Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Feb 28, 2013

Does Arista DANZ change network tap and SPAN port aggregation market?

Arista DANZ turns the vendor's switches into network monitoring switches for tap and SPAN port aggregation via software. Continue Reading


By Gina Narcisi News Nov 05, 2013

New Arista switches enable single-tier 'Spline' network deployments

New high-density 10 GbE and 40 GbE Arista switches -- the 7000 X Series -- enable big leaf-and-spine networks and single-tier 'Spline' architecture. Continue Reading