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By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate Jan 15, 2016

What should security automation do for enterprises?

Letting security automation handle certain tasks can make a security team more efficient. Here's which tasks should be automated and which should be left to the professionals. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate Dec 28, 2015

OpenStack automation evolving -- but not there yet

While OpenStack tools such as Heat and Graffiti can help IT pros automate the open source platform, there's still work to be done in 2016. Continue Reading

Next-Gen Data Center

Sponsored Sep 23, 2015

Taking Advantage of Storage Automation

The amount of data being created is soaring, putting pressure on data centers to keep pace with growth and application support demands. At the same time, IT is expected to become more agile and responsive to the ... Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Get Started Jan 25, 2016

PowerShell for SCCM Confers Automation Benefits

For admins seeking to manage and deploy Windows operating systems, PowerShell automation within Systems Center Configuration Manager offers excellent productivity enhancements. Here are some ... Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Nov 17, 2015

Easy-to-use deployment automation tool from Automic Software

Developed for the enterprise, Automic Release Automation from Automic Software provides enterprises easy deployment automation, with no-code modeling capabilities. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Nov 20, 2015

How to automate a Kubernetes cluster to manage containers

The software industry is rallying around Kubernetes clusters as a way to automate deployment of container collections. Here are best practices for using a Kubernetes cluster. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Jan 22, 2016

How BPM will support robotic process automation

As robotics becomes an increasingly critical part of organizations' business processes, BPM is playing a role in overcoming the challenges of robotics automation. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage Nov 17, 2015

Play by the rules for private cloud automation

Despite its name, private cloud automation doesn't come automatically. Instead, organizations need to carefully define cloud workflows and rule sets. Continue Reading


By Yvette Francino Get Started Sep 14, 2015

A primer on automated API testing

Not sure where to begin with automated API testing? Expert Yvette Francino demystifies the process from start to finish. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 19, 2016

Automated bots drive cyber attack innovation

Persistent cyber attacks will feature highly in 2016 as automation takes over, according to cyber security organisation Radware Continue Reading