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By Beth Pariseau News Jul 11, 2016

Chef automation branches out with new Automate product

Chef CTO Adam Jacob explains how the company's new Chef Automate product gives IT pros insights across infrastructure automation, application automation, security and compliance. Continue Reading


By Steve Broadhead News Apr 25, 2016

Automation Ultimatum...

IT - a job for life? Possibly... just finished a meeting with an old IT mate, Mike Silvey of Moogsoft, and we were talking about how all the recent networking reinvention bollox has basically ... Continue Reading


Jul 04, 2016

How and when you should automate expense processes

Gartner looks at the benefits of expense management tools and the circumstances that make software as a service preferable Continue Reading


By Adam Bertram Manage Aug 16, 2016

Automate cloud management with an Azure runbook

For organizations that are pushing more workloads into the cloud, building an Azure Automation runbook is one way to help maintain control on the cloud environment. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen News Aug 12, 2016

At CAST 2016, a case for the cautious use of automation

How much automation is too much? That was the question at CAST 2016. Expert Gerie Owen explains why it's important to leave some tasks to be done manually. Continue Reading

Cloud Computing with IBM

Sponsored Aug 09, 2016

DevOps: What to Look For in a Release Management and Automation Solution

Release management solutions are driving speed and business agility in cloud application development, giving DevOps teams the tools they need to coordinate release management, orchestration and automation. In today... Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Aug 05, 2016

Sparta counters DevOps naysayers with compliance automation

Compliance can be automated along with the app development process as part of a DevOps transformation, one life science company found. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Aug 01, 2016

Microsoft offers 'Flow' workflow automation engine

Microsoft has driven its software application development engineering teams to produce a new web tool called Flow. Flow is a software intelligence offering designed to 'automate workflow related ... Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci Evaluate Jul 31, 2016

Robotic process automation software: Find the right target

The implementation of robotic process automation software is still an art, requiring collaboration with the business and a willingness to dive deep into process minutiae. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Get Started Mar 23, 2016

Deployment Automation = Key to Scale

Large-scale Windows 10 deployments face issues with bandwidth consumption, installation, and customization. Deployment automation addresses all of these. Continue Reading