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Setting up a service automation framework

By Jan-Willem Middelburg 31 Oct 2017

In this third tip in a series on service automation, the global CIO searches for and finds a service automation framework. Read More

Users happy to embrace automation

By Simon Quicke 05 Sep 2017

Far from viewing automation and AI as technologies that could threaten their jobs Ricoh has found that users are looking forward to exploiting the benefits Read More

Disaster recovery vendors look to automate, consolidate

By Stuart Burns 11 Dec 2017

To thrive, disaster recovery providers must keep up with the times. Converging backup and DR, fighting ransomware and properly using the cloud are important elements. Read More

New Juniper Bots apps boost network automation

By Antone Gonsalves 07 Dec 2017

Network automation gets a boost with new Juniper Bots apps for DevOps testing and network anomaly tracking. The apps are set for release next year. Read More

Where does our SMB start with marketing automation tools?

By Matt James 30 Nov 2017

Small and medium-sized businesses looking to implement marketing automation should start with email, social media and internal communications tools, according to expert Matt James. Read More

What are the best SDK tools for automating blockchain services?

By Kenneth Milberg 29 Nov 2017

Learn about what blockchain is, and then begin to understand how best to choose a tool that can automate blockchain services. Expert Ken Milberg weighs in. Read More

New ONAP architecture provides network automation platform

By Jennifer English 29 Nov 2017

The new ONAP architecture release offers a modular network automation platform for carriers and service providers. Also, MEF 3.0 shifts focus to global services. Read More

Automating machine learning puts analytical models on autopilot

By Ed Burns 21 Nov 2017

With data scientists in short supply and the value of machine learning models growing ever more evident, software vendors are increasingly looking to automate machine learning. Read More

Fortify a DR strategy with automated failover in multi-cloud

By David Linthicum 21 Nov 2017

Disasters happen, but they don't have to bring business to a halt. With the right mix of tools and testing strategies, active-active failover in multi-cloud keeps things running. Read More

Don't let repetitive task automation make you obsolete

By Bob Reselman 21 Nov 2017

Creeping repetitive task automation will leave little room for betas. The world will ultimately need more DevOps engineers and alphas to plan and strategize. Read More