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Sep 30, 2015

Legal documents reveal HP's failings over Autonomy

The board of Hewlett-Packard (HP) knew about Autonomy’s failings – yet voted the $11.1bn acquisition through regardless, internal memos have revealed Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath May 19, 2015

MicroTech sues HP over Autonomy debacle

In one of the confusing pieces of technology litigation to date, MicroTech is now suing HP over software deals that HP claims never existed in the first place Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Sep 30, 2015

Court documents reveal HP execs were concerned over Autonomy deal

Recent files submitted as part of a class action lawsuit suggest that chairman Ray Lane tried to scupper the ill-fated deal Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Aug 05, 2014

HP sues former Autonomy CFO

HP is suing Autonomy's former chief financial officer, Sushovan Hussain, for his part in the 2011 acquisition of the UK software company Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jan 19, 2015

SFO drops HP-Autonomy fraud investigation

The Serious Fraud Office is dropping its investigation into the sale of Autonomy to HP, but the US will continue its investigation Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran May 07, 2015

Mike Lynch names Vatican and Kraft as Autonomy case goes public

Former Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch has responded to HP’s formal litigation against him and former CFO Sushovan Hussain, highlighting major user contracts Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Jul 03, 2014

HP Autonomy executive: big data transcends analytics

Robert Youngjohns, executive vice-president at HP, speaks to Computer Weekly about why big data does not reduce to analytics Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jun 30, 2014

HP set to settle with shareholders over lost Autonomy billions

HP is close to settling the legal dispute filed by shareholders over the acquisition of British software company Autonomy Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jan 15, 2013

HP fires and hires at Autonomy

Hewlett-Packard is to cut a number of jobs at Aurasma, an Autonomy-owned business that develops augmented reality technology Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Feb 18, 2014

HP knew of Autonomy hardware sales tactics

New evidence suggests HP was aware of Autonomy’s accounting practices months before publicly condemning the company Continue Reading