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The Basics of Cyber Safety

31 Oct 2017

In this excerpt from chapter four of The Basics of Cyber Safety, authors John Sammons and Michael Cross discuss basic email security. Read More

Learn the basics of Azure Container Instances

By Mike Pfeiffer 24 Oct 2017

The popularity of containers continues to prompt major cloud providers to offer new services. See how Azure's most recent release -- Container Instances -- aims to ease deployment. Read More

BOSH tutorial: Understand the basics of open source BOSH

By Stuart Burns 30 Nov 2017

Unfamiliar with BOSH? You're not alone. Take a look at this basic BOSH tutorial to learn more about the open source tool that plays an important role in Pivotal Container Service. Read More

Use this Chef tutorial to learn the basics and install Nginx

By Walker Rowe 27 Nov 2017

Opscode Chef is a complex tool for configuration management and software distribution. Learn about its structure and the basics of how it works by installing Nginx with this Chef tutorial. Read More

NAND flash memory basics: Comparing SLC, MLC and TLC NAND

By Robert Sheldon 20 Nov 2017

NAND is the most popular type of flash, but there are many different types, and they each serve a different purpose. Do you know your NAND flash basics? Read More

Learn the basics of PowerShell for Azure Functions

By Kurt Marko 11 Aug 2017

Because of their familiarity with the scripting language, some Windows shops use PowerShell alongside Azure Functions. Here are some tips, and caveats, to note before you start. Read More

Less than half of adults have skills to complete basic digital tasks

By Clare McDonald 25 Oct 2017

Just over 40% of adults have the skills to complete a number of common digital tasks, with older generations struggling more than younger people Read More

How the basics of network security systems have evolved

By Andrew Froehlich 25 Jul 2017

Today's sophisticated network security technologies work together to provide a tighter net and block malicious behavior both within and at the edge of the network. Read More

Learn the basics of PowerShell for Linux

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 May 2017

Microsoft recently expanded PowerShell to support the Linux OS. Discover key differences in the open source version of PowerShell, ranging from commands to script creation. Read More

CISSP Domain 4: Test your expertise of network security basics

By (ISC) 2 09 Oct 2017

Think you know network security basics inside and out? Take this 10-question quiz to find out how well you’ve prepared for Domain 4 of the CISSP exam. Read More