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Get Started Jan 29, 2015

The basics of SIP trunking explained

From deploying SIP trunks to securing them, learn the SIP trunking basics every network manager should know. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 15, 2014

The Basics of Information Security

In this excerpt of The Basics of Information Security, author Jason Andress outlines methods for improving operating systems security. Continue Reading


By Chris Partsenidis Evaluate Dec 10, 2014

What are the SIP trunking basics?

What SIP trunking basics should you know before you deploy? SIP trunking guru Chris Partsenidis explains what you need to know about SIP trunking before deploying it in your voice system. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Evaluate Oct 23, 2014

Brush up on COBOL basics

COBOL might be one of the oldest programming languages, but that doesn't mean developers know all there is to know. We have expert insights on COBOL basics. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started Feb 20, 2015

Desktop hosting basics: Defining VDI and DaaS

Desktop hosting might mean deploying VDI in your data center, or it might mean throwing those desktops to the winds of the cloud. Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 21, 2014

Cybersecurity threats protection: Don't forget the basics

The former chief information security officer of the CIA discusses modern cybersecurity and why companies must remember the data protection basics. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Oct 29, 2014

Understanding basic Java messaging concepts

We're moving into an age of increased application componentization and distribution of components, even in the cloud. Developers should look beyond JMS for Java messaging. Continue Reading


By Maxine Giza Get Started Jul 30, 2014

FAQ: The basics of the cloud and SOA

Some people may think SOA is irrelevant because of the cloud, while others assert the cloud and SOA go hand in hand. Continue Reading


Dec 08, 2014

Security Think Tank: Data security basics for SMEs

How can SMEs afford security that is good enough? Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started Jun 03, 2014

Mobile thin client basics

Companies with regulated information can still give road warriors secure access to virtual desktops via mobile thin clients. Continue Reading