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By Jonathan Hassell Get Started Jul 31, 2015

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup, which automatically sends encrypted backups to the cloud, is easy to set up. But is it cost-effective for large enterprises? Continue Reading


By Jon Langemak Get Started Jan 29, 2015

An Opscode Chef tutorial for beginners

To use Chef in the data center, you'll find your administrator mind-set gradually opening up to the developer way of thinking. These tips and resources will accelerate the process. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Get Started Oct 03, 2014

Five urban legends that scare a Linux beginner

The Linux server platform is fundamentally open. Admins migrating from Unix will run into a lot of misinformation when they start out. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jul 08, 2014

EMC adds XtremIO X-Brick for flash beginners

EMC XtremIo flash array platform gets a new Starter X-Brick with 5 TB of capacity, a six-node X-Brick cluster on the high end and inline compression. Continue Reading


News Mar 28, 2014

Twitter data analysis helps beginners learn HBase, expert says

Sameer Farooqui, freelance big data consultant and trainer, discusses HBase fundamentals and explains why Twitter can help developers learn it. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman News Apr 12, 2013

Business intelligence basics not just a concern for BI beginners

Companies new to business intelligence need to focus on BI fundamentals. But lots of experienced BI teams still have some basic blocking and tackling to do, too. Continue Reading


Sep 14, 2011

Cloud provider tutorials for beginners's tutorials offer expert insight, technical tips and best practices on building cloud services with robust data center, network, storage and security elements; enabling service delivery and ... Continue Reading


By Richard Niemiec Manage Apr 20, 2012

Query Tuning for Developer, Beginner DBAs

If you’re a DBA, improving query performance is probably on your mind. Read this excerpt from Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques by Richard Niemiec for his take. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Problem Solve Jun 07, 2013

Five VMware home lab ideas for beginner to advanced users

These tips will help you build everything from a starter VMware home lab to a vTARDIS vSphere lab or one that can host vCloud Suite. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 01, 2011

Cloud computing development for beginners

Cloud newbies that find themselves navigating unfamiliar terrain should check out this collection of tips, tutorials and news for a cloud development orientation. Continue Reading