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Apr 25, 2016

How to yield the benefits of converged infrastructure

Bringing together the elements of enterprise IT generates a litany of operational and cost-cutting advantages – but care must be taken in balancing risk and in implementation Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Apr 15, 2016

What are the major benefits of containerization?

The advantages of containerization become very evident in test and development environments. Explore how container technology is being used to verify application performance. Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom May 23, 2016

Graph databases: What are the benefits for CIOs?

With enterprise interest in graph databases on the rise, Clive Longbottom explains why some businesses are favouring them over relational setups Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Get Started Jul 19, 2016

Learn the many benefits of SDN for clouds and clusters

The benefits of SDN include flexibility, control, reduced costs and increased performance. As it's becoming more widely used, you should familiarize yourself with its processes. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Manage May 16, 2016


By Carrie Higbie Goetz Evaluate May 09, 2016

What are the benefits of SD-WAN for UC?

SD-WAN can help organizations meet UC's bandwidth needs. Networking expert Carrie Higbie explains the benefits of SD-WAN in improving network efficiency for better UC performance. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Jul 11, 2016

DWP trials blockchain technology for benefit payments

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) trials blockchain's distributed ledger technology, with benefit claimants using a mobile app to track welfare payments Continue Reading


By Dave Turbide Manage Jun 30, 2016

How will augmented reality technology benefit manufacturing?

Manufacturing stands to gain tremendous benefits from augmented reality technology, and savvy leaders will learn about the possibilities now. Here's what to expect. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Get Started Jun 28, 2016

What are the benefits of a risk-based framework for security?

Many organizations use a risk-based framework to help manage their cybersecurity program. Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses the development and benefits of current frameworks. Continue Reading

The New Data Center

Sponsored Apr 18, 2016

The Benefits of Deduplication for Tier-1 Applications

Databases like SQL Server and Oracle are very dependent on disk storage, and database performance is tightly coupled to storage performance. There is often blanket guidance about storage array features to enable or... Continue Reading