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By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 03, 2016

Backup technologies keep getting better and better

Inadequate backup windows and the rise of server virtualization are driving data backup technology innovations, such as CDP instant recovery, flat backups and backup appliances. Continue Reading


By Margie Semilof ,David Linthicum ,Kim Lindros Problem Solve Nov 22, 2016

DevOps and security promises better apps, infrastructures

DevOps is a process aimed at creating and updating applications quickly and, traditionally, it has lacked effective security controls. The software that was created too often contained vulnerabilities right from ... Continue Reading


By Paul Korzeniowski Get Started Nov 08, 2016

AWS and VMware forge cloud partnership for better integration

AWS and VMware have formed an alliance to bring better cloud integration to customers, forcing other cloud providers to get creative in order to stay competitive. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Nov 04, 2016

Three advances making NFV deployments better for the business

NFV deployments made progress this year, thanks to three significant developments, but will they be enough to make NFV's business case more compelling among other industry changes? Continue Reading


By Eric Cole ,Michael Cobb ,Karen Scarfone Manage Oct 21, 2016

New tactics for better endpoint security threat prevention

Endpoint security threat prevention tools are crucial in your endpoint management strategy. This three-part technical guide will help you develop and advance your existing endpoint security management approach. It ... Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Oct 20, 2016

Citrix has better than expected third quarter

Citrix's new streamlined focus on core areas of the business seems to be paying off, as the company beats Wall Street's expectations Continue Reading


By Zachary Flower Evaluate Oct 13, 2016

How a code review process helps breed better developers

Collaborating on a code review process will not only improve the quality of a codebase, but it's also an easy way to build solid, team-wide best practices. Continue Reading


By Scott Robinson News Oct 06, 2016

Mastering descriptive data analysis yields better predictions

Descriptive and predictive analytics methodologies can be mutually beneficial weapons in the battle to gain a competitive edge and convert prospects into customers. Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Manage Sep 21, 2016

Why mobile two-factor authentication is better than biometrics

Two-factor authentication may not be perfect, but nothing is with security, and it is certainly more secure than any single-form factor method, including biometrics. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Dec 02, 2016

New AWS developer tools offer better app insights, control

New AWS developer tools and data efforts will help users who want more hands-on control, but enterprises should also expect a boost by having those tools baked into MSP offerings. Continue Reading