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By Craig Mathias Manage Sep 21, 2016

Why mobile two-factor authentication is better than biometrics

Two-factor authentication may not be perfect, but nothing is with security, and it is certainly more secure than any single-form factor method, including biometrics. Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick News Sep 20, 2016

Driverless cars will be smiles better

If you believe the hype (which, being experienced Downtime readers, we realise you won't), then you will know that we will all be getting around in driverless cars by about, ooh, Wednesday next ... Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Problem Solve Sep 12, 2016

How can I negotiate for a better QA salary?

It's not all about the paycheck, but salary is important. Expert Amy Reichert offers firsthand advice to help you negotiate the salary of your dreams. Her secret? Always bargain. Continue Reading


By Ed Moyle Get Started Jun 28, 2016

How to segment cloud workloads for better security

Enterprise cloud workloads can be better secured by using microsegmentation. Ed Moyle explains the best ways to plan and execute a segmentation strategy. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Aapo Markkanen Get Started Sep 01, 2016

Four building blocks for better IoT security

Delve into technological enablers that could be the main building blocks for better IoT security in consumer, enterprise and industrial settings. Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Manage Aug 30, 2016

Seven features ECM systems need for a better experience

As technology improves, ECM systems need to evolve with these seven capabilities in order to provide a better and more modern experience for today's users. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Aug 26, 2016

Pure Storage: We do flash better than those geezers

When it comes to all-flash storage, Pure Storage claims experience is no match for youth. Pure, born in 2011 as a flash-only vendor, is far outgrowing the storage establishment, a collection of ... Continue Reading


By Christine Parizo Evaluate Aug 03, 2016

The DevOps model for better cloud apps projects

Learn how DevOps tactics can improve and ease the pain of cloud application projects. Christine Parizo discusses how organizational groups need to come together for cloud apps. Continue Reading


By Randy Kerns Get Started Jul 20, 2016

Implementing direct backup technology for better data protection

Direct and flat backups are part of a recent change in the data protection model. Explore the issues associated with the technologies and which products are implementing them. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Manage Jul 20, 2016

Virtualized applications perform better with virtualized storage

As we cram more virtualized machines and apps into a single physical server, prioritizing their access to storage resources is crucial to ensuring each performs up to expectations. Continue Reading