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bind: In computer programming, to bind is to make an association between two or more programming objects or ...

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By John Brandt Problem Solve Sep 26, 2003

Binding directories

How many methods are there to bind a directory to a program on the AS/400? Continue Reading


Problem Solve Mar 22, 2010

PriorityBinding in WPF

PriorityBinding derives from Binding and is a variation of MultiBinding, a type of binding where you specify multiple sources in your XAML. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 01, 2003

Try these useful BIND tools

Tools for administering a BIND server. Continue Reading


By Alon Raskin Problem Solve May 15, 2003

Creating a repeated binding

How do you create a repeated binding in SAP Workflow? Alon Raskin answers. Continue Reading


By Daniel Foody Problem Solve Jan 22, 2006

The "find-bind-execute" paradigm

Daniel Foody discusses the "find-bind-execute" paradigm and secure service directories. Continue Reading


News Jun 12, 2003

KIA Quiz #38: The ties that bind

KIA Quiz #38: The ties that bind Continue Reading


Problem Solve Nov 04, 2003

Pinpoint bind variables

This tip allows allows you to pinpoint whether you are using bind variables or not, identifies which queries are not using bind variables and highlights the worst offenders. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 03, 2004

Set up persistent binding on an HBA

In this Ask the Expert Q&A, SAN expert Chris Poelker gives you the code to set up persistent binding on an HBA for a Unix host. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Mar 17, 2010

Creating an ordinal binding converter

When creating an ordinal binding converter the possibilities are endless, as you can write code to covert from any .NET type to an alternate .NET type. Continue Reading


Aug 01, 2006

Binding XML to Java

Manipulating XML data easily and efficiently in Java remains an important problem. Numerous approaches to XML binding exist in the industry, including DOM, JAXB, XML Beans, Castor, SDO and so on. In this article we... Continue Reading