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bind: In computer programming, to bind is to make an association between two or more programming objects or ...

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Manage Feb 12, 2014

Enterprise compliance and security: The ties that bind

Enterprise compliance and security departments sometimes have a fractious relationship, the two essential functions struggling to establish common ground and work together to protect the organization as a whole. In... Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage May 05, 2014

Component binding for event-driven app modernization

Learn about the future of component binding, so enterprise architects can monitor the space carefully for developments. Continue Reading


By Archana Venkatraman Nov 18, 2014

Businesses struggle to bind cloud services together, says Forrester

Most enterprise cloud users struggle to consolidate their cloud services and gain a holistic view of their infrastructure Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Aug 15, 2014

While SpiderOak canary defies NSA, CIOs ponder their privacy bind

CIOs battle their own privacy demons as SpiderOak and other vendors attempt to protect customer data from NSA snooping. Also in Searchlight: Cisco cuts 6,000 jobs and the Internet could grow too large for its gear. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Jun 05, 2014

Move over SOA, data binding shows promise for workflow management

SOA and BPEL have often been used to improve agility, but data binding could prove to be a good alternative. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran May 30, 2014

Microsoft and Salesforce bind SQL deal and Office 365 integration

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella demonstrated the company’s new found openness with a strategic alliance with Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 17, 2013

Binding gets Southern region role at Avnet

Former Magirus executive Andrew Binding has been given a senior role covering Southern Europe at Avnet Technology Services Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 24, 2010

XML Binding

Working with XML data couldn't be easier in WPF. Just add an XMLDataProvider to your XAML and provide the location of your XML resource, using a local XML file as the source. Continue Reading


Jun 14, 2011

The important of a binding agreement

Time and time again the courts see disputes come before them because the detail of an agreement was not written down. Another example, the case of Eaton v Caulfield, proves the point well. In this instance, two... Continue Reading


Mar 08, 2011

Email can be binding

Can a contract be formed by email? Yes is the simple answer. In a 2010 case involving Prestige Homes v Neal, the Court of Appeal decided, amongst things, that an agreement made by email can become binding.... Continue Reading