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Manage Oct 24, 2001

Restricted address books

How to create a restricted, secondary address book Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 14, 2004

Top RPG programming books

A look at the most popular books on RPG programming Continue Reading


Manage Feb 24, 2010

SOA Books Library

In the SOA Books Library, discover books to better understand and implement open source SOA, enterprise mashups, cloud-based applications, and more. Free excerpts are provided. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 29, 2001

DOLS offline address book

A way to DOLS enable the Public Address Book for use with Inotes. Continue Reading


By John Kavanagh Aug 27, 2004

Book gives project tips

A new book on IT project management has been produced for IT specialists, users, buyers and directors by the BCS. Continue Reading


Mar 05, 2003

XML link boosts bookings

The Holiday Store has seen a tenfold increase in online bookings generated through since implementing XML software... Continue Reading


Manage Oct 26, 2001

Restricted address books II

No need to change the design of the Address Book to restrict users from sending to everyone. Continue Reading


By Donald C. Donzal Problem solve Sep 27, 2006

Recommended CISSP books

The editor of Certified Security Professional Online Magazine recommends the top three CISSP books to study by. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 14, 2002

Book review:

book review of Continue Reading


Manage Jul 10, 2001

Migrate Netscape address book

For users switching from the Netscape client to the Notes Client, I have found an easy way to transfer the Address Book. Continue Reading