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Understand Azure VM boot diagnostics

By Nirmal Sharma 14 Nov 2017

Enable Azure VM boot diagnostics with Azure Portal or PowerShell to capture logs that can help you troubleshoot boot failures and obtain screenshots to see the VM's current state. Read More

Follow a PXE boot tutorial to increase OS configuration automation

By Stuart Burns 08 Nov 2017

PXE boot servers are simple to set up and can aid in IT operations' goals toward high-level efficiency and automation. This tutorial runs through setup and optimal settings. Read More

Handy Win10 Boot Controls

By Ed Tittel 17 Apr 2017

Rebooting Windows 10 to access UEFI/BIOS or boot media can be tricky, and make handy Win10 Boot controls vital. Read More

Disconnect Drives Before Multi-Boot Install

By Ed Tittel 17 Feb 2017

For the cleanest possible boot environment, remember to disconnect drives before multi-boot install of Windows OSes. Read More

Set up a virtual hard disk and perform a Windows 10 dual boot

16 Aug 2017

Dual booting Windows 10 can come in handy in a variety of ways. The process requires that IT knows how to build a virtual hard disk and install Windows 10 on it. Read More

The latest Terminator might say, “I need your clothes, your boots and your job.”

By Karl Flinders 15 Nov 2017

Software has been taking over roles carried out by humans for a long time but the humanisation of tech is making it personal Read More

Four ways to solve Windows 10 boot problems

By Robert Sheldon 01 May 2017

If users are experiencing Windows 10 boot problems, IT can turn to the Master Boot Record or Startup Repair to diagnose and resolve the issues. Read More

Balky Mobo Caused Insider Boot Woes

By Ed Tittel 28 Apr 2017

When faced with frequent upgrades trashing a dual-boot setup, I learn that my balky Mobo caused Insider boot woes by replacing it with a new one. Read More

How does the boot mode vulnerability in Android work?

By Judith Myerson 26 Apr 2017

A boot mode vulnerability allowed attackers to eavesdrop on calls made on certain Android devices. Expert Judith Myerson explains how the complex exploit works. Read More