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By Jan Stafford News Jun 02, 2015

The I in BPM

Something old, business process man­agement, has been made new again by the addi­tion of a lowercase i. This three-part guide shows how and why adding cloud services and analytics to BPM will make ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Jan 22, 2016

How BPM will support robotic process automation

As robotics becomes an increasingly critical part of organizations' business processes, BPM is playing a role in overcoming the challenges of robotics automation. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Sep 29, 2015

Weaving BPM into social media governance

George Lawton looks at the best ways companies can maintain compliance through social media governance as business transactions move away from email. Continue Reading


By Steve Weissman Manage Aug 24, 2015

Geolocation and mobile BPM: A natural extension

Are you using geolocation as an extension of your mobile BPM strategy? Steve Weissman explores the value of geolocation for the business process. Continue Reading


By Harvey Koeppel ,Niel Nickolaisen ,Linda Tucci News Apr 16, 2015

The digital effect on BPM systems

Business processes have changed radically in the past decade, with rapid developments in cloud, social networking, mobile and analytics driving today's businesses to transform into digital companies. This requires ... Continue Reading


By Steve Weissman Get Started Sep 25, 2015

Building microservices for BPM: The next, next big thing?

BPM has seen a lot of changes in approach over the years -- and now designing microservices is the hot topic. But is combining microservices and BPM really the next big thing? Continue Reading


By Harvey Koeppel Evaluate Mar 26, 2015

The digital effect on the BPM lifecycle

Digitization has fundamentally changed how businesses operate, but is the same true for business process management? Here's why the BPM lifecycle remains the same. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Sep 10, 2015

How to create flexibility with executable agile BPM tools

Learn about a new generation of tools that are fulfilling the vision of a more executable and agile BPM. Continue Reading


By Pat Brans Evaluate Sep 10, 2015

Alfresco One ECM product dovetails with Activiti BPM

Alfresco recognizes the connection between ECM and BPM with the Alfresco One hybrid ECM product and the Alfresco Activiti workflow and BPM suite. Continue Reading


By Sue Troy Get Started Aug 14, 2015

Better BPM: Customer intimacy strategy highlights

In this video excerpt on using BPM for business outcomes, learn about the most important attributes of companies that prioritize the customer intimacy model. Continue Reading