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Examples of BPM use cases where iBPM fits in

By Tom Nolle 30 Nov 2017

Does iBPM stand to deliver real value in the workplace? Expert Tom Nolle examines three key use cases that illustrate how iBPM can deliver value to businesses. Read More

Bonitasoft gets cute on AWS for low-code BPM

By Adrian Bridgwater 17 Jan 2018

There has been an undeniable popularisation of so-called 'low-code' programming platforms. This is a strain of technology designed to provide automated blocks of functionality that can be brought ... Read More

BPM market advances around AI, cloud technology

By George Lawton 16 Jan 2018

As AI, microservices and other emerging technologies transform the BPM industry, enterprises need to carefully navigate their business processes to the cloud to avoid GRC risks. Read More

State of the market for BPM system tools

By Tom Nolle 30 Aug 2017

Get the most from business process management tools with container support, and learn why BPM and containers are dependent on one another for business benefits. Read More

Intelligent BPM helps connect ERP with other enterprise apps

By Christine Parizo 01 Nov 2017

As more enterprises seek to overlay iBPM atop ERP systems, experts recommend they target complex processes, modularize applications and avoid extensive ERP customization. Read More

Advanced and value-driven practices in BPM governance

By Tom Nolle 23 Oct 2017

Expert Tom Nolle discusses how BPM governance has evolved in order to work alongside the latest IT trends. Learn how to make business processes more dynamic. Read More

Apply DevOps best practices to the BPM lifecycle

By Valerie Silverthorne 30 Aug 2017

Developers are better equipped at managing both the development and business side of the BPM workflow. Learn about the BPM lifecycle and its impact on DevOps. Read More

Some factors to consider when thinking about cloud BPM

By Steve Weissman 21 Apr 2017

There is more that should go into the decision to move toward cloud-based BPM than just a prerogative to move to the cloud. Steve Weissman explains what to consider. Read More

DevOps adopts BPM best practices to build apps

By Darryl K. Taft 30 Aug 2017

Modern BPM systems must be compatible with the DevOps approach and employ DevOps best practices to create applications for today's enterprises. Read More

AI and low-code development top hot BPM trends

By Darryl K. Taft 30 Aug 2017

As the BPM space continues to evolve, analysts view artificial intelligence, machine learning, and low-code development platforms among the top trends. Read More