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By Jessica Scarpati News Jun 23, 2015

IT's biggest challenge? Preventing a network breach

TechTarget purchasing intentions survey reveals that security remains the top networking challenge for IT pros in 2015. Continue Reading


By Sharon Shea News Feb 27, 2015

Data breach consequences: Get breached, make money?

News roundup: Data breaches aren't associated with soaring stock prices, but recent examples show breaches may boost stocks. Plus: Gemalto confirms possibility of GHCQ/NSA hack; Target breach costs company $162 ... Continue Reading


By Nicholas Rando News Jun 29, 2015

Cloud security breaches still the stuff of IT nightmares

Following major breaches at retail giants, government agencies and others, cloud's reputation has taken a hit. But cloud may not be entirely to blame. Continue Reading


By Madelyn Bacon Manage Jun 26, 2015

Haven't suffered a network security breach recently? Think again

If you think your organization hasn't suffered a network security breach in the last six months, you're just not looking closely enough, according to Eric Cole at RSA Conference 2015. Continue Reading


By Madelyn Bacon News Jun 11, 2015

From the frontlines: Horror stories on information breach response

Video: KPMG's Ronald Plesco has seen some crazy things in his time helping organizations in security incident response, and he shares some of them with SearchSecurity. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jun 02, 2015

Cost of UK cyber breaches up to £3.14m

The number of security breaches has increased in the past year, with the scale and cost nearly doubling Continue Reading


By Maxim Tamarov News May 29, 2015

IRS breach shows the importance of PII security

A breach of the IRS' Internet tax form service "Get Transcript" exposed the personal information and tax filings of thousands of people. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate May 28, 2015

How can CISOs avoid executive turnover after a data breach?

The executive turnover at enterprises after a data breach is fairly high. Expert Mike Villegas gives some advice on how CISOs can avoid losing their job. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 19, 2015

Target breach to cost retailer millions

Data breach that enabled hackers to get hold of millions of customer credit card details will cost Target Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started May 08, 2015

When is a breach detection system better than an IDS or NGFW?

Breach detection systems are gaining steam, but when would they be more appropriate to use than an IDS or NGFW? Expert Kevin Beaver explains. Continue Reading