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By Olivia L. Eckerson Dec 29, 2015

The futility of data breach notifications

Olivia Eckerson discusses how her healthcare insurance provider was hacked, and why the data breach notification letter she received was less than helpful. Continue Reading


Dec 10, 2015

How to deal with the aftermath of a data breach

Considering that a data breach could happen to any company, at any time, a plan of action is the best tactic Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Apr 05, 2016

Trump hotel group investigates payment card breach

Financial sector sources say a pattern of payment card fraud indicates hackers have breached payment systems at some, and possibly all, Trump Hotel Collection properties Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate Apr 01, 2016

Cybersecurity budget: What are the top priorities after a breach?

After an incident, a cybersecurity budget usually starts to feel the pressure. Identifying the top security priorities for the organization can help alleviate the budgetary stress. Continue Reading


By Eamon McCarthy Earls News Jan 14, 2016

Patch offered for breach in Juniper firewalls

This week, a patch becomes available for Juniper firewalls, analysts parse IT employment statistics for 2015 and Aruba deploys 802.11ac for the U.S. Army. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 08, 2016

Time Warner Cable denies breach

US telecoms firm believes passwords were stolen either through phishing attacks or data breaches at other companies that store its customer information Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 11, 2016

Ofcom data breach highlights insider threat

That a former employee of communications regulator Ofcom stole data should act as a warning about the insider threat in every organisation, say experts Continue Reading


News Feb 29, 2016

Healthcare cybersecurity means more than data breach prevention

Healthcare facilities have a lot to worry about when it comes to securing every device and all the data that's kept in and passed through their systems. This issue of Pulse takes a closer look at how ... Continue Reading


By Nicole Lewis Manage Feb 29, 2016

Worries rise about security breaches in healthcare as endpoints expand

As smartphones and tablets proliferate in hospitals -- increasing the risks of an endpoint security breach -- health IT executives must broaden and harden their defenses. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Feb 22, 2016

OPM breach: What's the risk of exposed fingerprint data?

Millions of fingerprint records were exposed in the OPM breach. Expert Michael Cobb explains how attackers can abuse such biometric data and what enterprises can do about it. Continue Reading