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By Warwick Ashford Jul 26, 2016

O2 denies data breach

Cyber criminals have accessed some O2 customer accounts to steal personal details and offer them for sale, but O2 says it was not breached and password re-use is to blame Continue Reading


Aug 24, 2016

Data breaches: Different regions, very different impacts

The cost, scrutiny and pressure of dealing with a data breach will become more apparent in the near future as European legislation takes effect Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Aug 19, 2016

Police arrest woman in connection with Sage data breach

A woman has been arrested on suspicion of fraud in connection with a data breach at accounting software firm Sage Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Evaluate Aug 16, 2016

Is the BREACH attack update a threat to Gmail security?

The BREACH attack has been updated to perform faster data theft. Expert Nick Lewis explains the differences in this attack and the threat level for organizations that use Gmail. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Aug 15, 2016

DNC forms cybersecurity advisory board after breach

Following an embarrassing data breach, the Democratic National Committee has formed a cybersecurity advisory board, but experts have questioned the pedigree of board members. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Aug 15, 2016

Police and ICO investigating data breach at Sage

British accounting software heavyweight says that customer information was accessed using internal login details Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Aug 15, 2016

Sage data breach underlines insider threat

Organisations need to take insider threats more seriously say security experts, as Sage warns that a data breach using an internal log-in may have compromised employee data at nearly 300 UK firms Continue Reading


By Fiona O'Cleirigh Aug 10, 2016

IPT fines Police Scotland for communications breach of privacy

The case comes as the UK government prepares to introduce the Investigatory Powers Bill, which will give sweeping powers for suspicion-less surveillance of telephone, web and email communications Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Aug 09, 2016

Oracle MICROS breached, password reset recommended

Oracle's MICROS PoS systems breached, possibly by Carbanak cybergang; Oracle issues mandatory password reset for customers. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Problem Solve Aug 02, 2016

Data breach cost: What influences it the most?

Malicious or criminal attacks take a longer time to identify and contain, research shows, leading to a higher cost per breach. We look at the numbers. Continue Reading