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Breaking the glass ceiling in IT

26 Sep 2017

The CIO of Malaysia’s Prince Court Medical Centre has broken the glass ceiling for women in technology in a 20-year career that has progressed from selling IT products to setting up her own IT consulting firm Read More

Privacy: IoT's big break or big wall?

By Don DeLoach 01 Nov 2017

Security and privacy are prevailing concerns in today's day and age, calling for new regulation to keep data safe. But will this limit IoT? Read More

Break down the difference between cloud automation and orchestration

By David Linthicum 23 Aug 2017

IT shops aim to reduce manual management tasks, which is where cloud orchestration and automation comes in. Learn how these two technologies differ from, but also depend on, each other. Read More

Four ways to break through mobile business strategy barriers

By Maribel Lopez 12 Oct 2017

Mobile initiatives are bound to fail if organizations don't look before they leap. Defining a business strategy is a crucial step in the app development and deployment process. Read More

Breaking down walls: IoT in multi-location enterprises

By Hugues Meyrath 06 Sep 2017

ServiceChannel's Hugues Meyrath says companies will increasingly turn to innovative, connected tech to unlock revenue, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience. Read More

Are Android thin clients finally ready to break into the enterprise?

By Gabe Knuth 16 Oct 2017

For years, Android has been pitched as the ideal thin client, but the user experience was never good enough. Today, Android works better in a desktop form factor, and with Unified Endpoint Management looming, the ... Read More

Breaking the cyber kill chain

By Aaron Tan 13 Feb 2017

Traditional antivirus is no longer good enough for fileless malware attacks that don’t leave a trace Read More

How to break up GDS without breaking up GDS

By Bryan Glick 23 Aug 2016

The Cabinet Office and its latest recruit – new Government Digital Service (GDS) chief Kevin Cunnington – are adamant that GDS will not be broken up. Cunnington told us so in his first blog post of ... Read More

Breaking Open the Graduate Digital Careers Ghetto - A guest blog

By Philip Virgo 29 Sep 2017

How do we enable digital employers to harness the native talent available and how do we prepare that talent for the opportunities available. Read More