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By Billy MacInnes Nov 21, 2016

Business has to stand for something

With so much happening in the political world at the moment it is hard for business leaders to keep silent on their views, notes Billy Macinnes Continue Reading


Nov 11, 2016

What will Trump mean for business?

Trump's election victory threatens to have quite an impact on world trade Continue Reading


By Rob Bamforth News Oct 27, 2016

Business Continuity and networking resilience

Problematic events happen and organisations need to be able to cope when things go wrong. Business resilience has always required organisations to consider many diverse elements - premises, people, ... Continue Reading


By Christian Stafford Evaluate Nov 30, 2016

The impact of mobile technology on business operations

The impact of mobile technology on business is becoming more evident as mobile computing moves to take over the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Sep 15, 2016

The mobile future of business and Apple

What does the corporate mobile future look like? One industry observer says mobile devices will be used for many more tasks. Where does Apple fit in? Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Nov 03, 2016

Colt embarks on business network upgrade

Network services supplier Colt has committed to a system-wide network upgrade to supply customers with bandwidth levels of up to 100Gbps Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Oct 28, 2016

Cost, applications thwart Macs in business

Windows PCs continue to outpace Macs in business. Cost, application options and Apple's desktop and laptop strategy are all issues. Continue Reading


Oct 27, 2016

Maintaining cover: A guide to business insurance

Adam Bernstein discusses the ins and out of maintaining appropriate cover and the potential consequences of not meeting obligations to your insurer Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Get Started Oct 27, 2016

How to get started with Salesforce for small business

Small business owners can get the same level of marketing automation and AI technology that big companies with deep pockets have access to, thanks to Einstein and Salesforce clouds. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 24, 2016

Platform businesses: Who's on the team?

Eager to launch a platform-style business? Look to the three characteristics of successful platform businesses for who should be on the team, says expert Sangeet Paul Choudary. Continue Reading