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By Matt Schulz Evaluate Aug 12, 2016

Should IT guarantee BYOD privacy for employees?

The business world is full of employees using their personal mobile devices for work, but many companies still struggle with how much privacy to grant BYOD users. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller Manage Jun 01, 2016

Mobile security strategy matures with BYOD

The basic level of mobile security is to protect data and access to a network, but understanding the needs of mobile users and their devices is the key to maturing that strategy. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 18, 2016

Citrix XenDesktop features make it a fit for BYOD, graphics workloads

Citrix XenDesktop isn't perfect for every organization, but it can be a good fit for companies with BYOD and a lot of graphics-intensive applications. Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Manage Aug 31, 2016

IT, not BYOD users, must control mobile device encryption

As freeing as BYOD can be for employees, it can mean more headaches for IT. Organizations need a BYOD policy and EMM strategy to help IT mitigate BYOD security risks. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Manage May 18, 2016

Mobile health security and BYOD tips from an expert

An expert offers strategies for securing mobile devices in healthcare settings, including restricting BYOD, personalized training for physicians and ransomware protection tools. Continue Reading


By Jack Madden Oct 11, 2015

All of our thoughts on BYOD today

BYOD. It's a topic that always gets a lot of attention, and there are two reasons for that: First, BYOD is a misnomer for enterprise mobility in general. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Manage Jan 13, 2016

What 'hidden' BYOD costs should organizations consider?

While a BYOD program may, at first, seem like an easy cost-savings initiative, an organization that hasn't set usage policies and prepared its network may face unexpected costs. Continue Reading


News Mar 07, 2016


By Carl Setterlund News Nov 12, 2015

Mobility requires more than just a BYOD policy

The iPhone came out in 2007, but it's taken nearly a decade for many IT admins to wrap their heads around mobility in the enterprise. Eight years later, a good chunk of organizations now ... Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Nov 11, 2015

Businesses move beyond the BYOD model

Enterprise mobility is no longer about just supporting employees' personal devices. Organizations are taking steps beyond adopting the BYOD model to embrace content and data management. Continue Reading