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By Alyssa Provazza News May 06, 2014

IT embraces BYOPC as mobile and PC management merge

Numerous EMM vendors have added support for PCs to their products. Who's accessing personal PCs for work, and why? Continue Reading


By Christine Cignoli Get Started Apr 09, 2012

Considering a BYOPC strategy

BYOPC has benefits and risks. As the BYOPC trend continues to grow, it’s important for organizations to consider the pros and cons of a BYOPC program for end users and IT pros. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Problem Solve Aug 07, 2012

BYOPC support: How to troubleshoot before issues emerge

Once a bring your own PC program is up and running, the help desk tickets will flow -- IT must be prepared to handle BYOPC support when issues arise. Continue Reading


By Brad Casey Evaluate Dec 06, 2013

BYOPC: Network security best practices for employee-owned computers

Expert Brad Casey offers a number of best practices to help your organization ensure network and endpoint security in a BYOPC era. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Jul 26, 2012

Creating BYOPC policies: A win-win for IT and users

Defining BYOPC policies lets users know what they can and can't do when their PCs are connected to the network. With policies in place, employees won't have excuses not to comply. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Aug 31, 2011

BYOPC: Real world implementations and implications

Whether you support BYOPC or not, employees use their own devices for work. But BYOPC raises concerns and legal issues. Here are some potential problems and BYOPC best practices. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Aug 02, 2012

BYOPC security simplified: Basic tools IT needs to manage PCs

BYOPC security can present problems: Securing PCs isn't the same as securing corporate desktops. Be sure you authenticate devices and enforce policies Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Jan 17, 2010

Is the world ready for the BYOPC / employee-owned PC?

We've written quite a bit about the Bring-Your-Own-PC (BYOPC) / employee-owned PC concept over the years. (Check here and here if you're not familiar with the concept. Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Aug 10, 2010

BYOPC: IT Panacea or Management Nightmare?, a video from BriForum 2010

IT departments are starting to look seriously at BYOPC (Bring Your Own PC) or employee-owned PC initiatives, driven by a range of factors. Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Jul 07, 2010

BYOPC misconception: If your users have admin rights, then you're already doing it.

Bring Your Own PC-BYOPC-is something that lots of folks (myself included) have been talking about for a few years now. It's the term applied to the concept of end-users "owning" their own laptops while IT resources... Continue Reading