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By Linda Endersby Mar 30, 2015

Phoenix invests in support capabilities

Phoenix is spending half a million on a distribution centre as it moves to ensure ti can underpin its managed services Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Jan 26, 2015


By Karl Flinders Mar 31, 2015

Vodafone adds banking capability to mobile wallet

Mobile operator Vodafone is enabling its customers to add banking functionality to their Vodafone Wallets Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jun 02, 2014


By Brien Posey Get Started Mar 03, 2015

The Windows 10 Command Prompt includes new capabilities

The Windows Command Prompt has been a stable feature for years, but Windows 10 brings some much-needed tweaks to the command prompt window. Continue Reading


By Ann Grackin Evaluate Jan 20, 2015

How have the capabilities and cost of RFID tags evolved?

In the past, the cost of RFID tags has limited where RFID could be used. Today, lower prices and more advanced capabilities are starting to enable wider, more effective use. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Nov 05, 2014

Nationwide launches smartwatch banking capabilities

Nationwide customers are now able to check their bank balance on smartwatches Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Mar 19, 2015

Police need wider capability to tackle online crime, says London watchdog

The Metropolitan Police should appoint a senior officer to ensure the whole force is prepared to tackle online crime, says a London watchdog Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Mar 19, 2015

Office 365 PSTN capabilities to launch this year, says Microsoft

As Microsoft releases a preview of Skype for Business, VP Zig Serafin says that cloud-based PSTN will finally launch 'later this year' Continue Reading


By Adrian Lane Evaluate Dec 08, 2014

Four SIEM capabilities to differentiate SIEM vendors

To stay current in the security information and event management market, vendors must not only offer what customers need but also differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Learn how this is being done. Continue Reading