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By James Denman Manage Feb 24, 2011

Business capabilities special report

'Business capabilities' are gaining attention as architects make sure IT assets bring real value to the enterprise. Thus, business capabilities are taking a central role in discussions of IT architecture. Continue Reading


Oct 06, 2004

Google boosts search capabilities

Google Inc. is working hard to broaden the searching and indexing capabilities of its enterprise Search Appliance from Web... Continue Reading


By Steven Andres Problem solve May 12, 2006

SQL Server archiving capabilities

SQL Server Security Expert Steven Andres reveals archiving solutions and stored procedures to help you get a better grip on archiving capability. Continue Reading


By Michael Mimoso News Feb 06, 2004

OSDL prioritizes Linux capabilities

The Open Source Development Lab is asking for feedback on a document that prioritizes the Linux capabilities required by enterprise applications. Continue Reading


By Todd Biske Problem solve Jun 02, 2011

What is a capability map?

A capability model is only the first piece of the capability puzzle. The other half is a capability map that will enable the business to follow the capability model. Continue Reading


May 13, 2003

NEC's PDA offers desktop capabilities

NEC has launched the MobilePro 900, its latest handheld device featuring desktop capabilities. Continue Reading


By Matthew Billingham Problem solve Jun 02, 2005

What is SAP's extension capability?

Curious about SAP's extension capability? This reader was tasked with finding out all there was to know about it; SAP application development expert Matt Billingham explained the options. Continue Reading


Aug 29, 2003

Dell boosts Inspiron's media capabilities

Dell has launched the Inspiron 8600 in the US which, the company claims, will improve the multimedia capabilities of its major... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 15, 2012

US prepares cyber offensive capability

The US admits to preparing cyber offensive capabilities amid growing evidence that Iran conducted cyber attacks on the Saudi oil industry Continue Reading


By Beth Stackpole News May 05, 2009

Vendors adding manufacturing intelligence capabilities

The growing interest in operational performance management (OPM) is leading many manufacturers to implement best-of-breed ERP systems that offer manufacturing intelligence (MI) software capabilities. Continue Reading