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By Andrew Reichman Get Started Jun 30, 2015

The capabilities and benefits of storage virtualization

Andrew Reichman provides insight into what storage virtualization is, how it works and the different types of storage virtualization used today. Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Get Started Jun 15, 2015

Management as a service? Don't underestimate cloud's capabilities

Management as a service provides enterprises some key benefits like reduced cost and improvements in reliability. Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby Mar 30, 2015

Phoenix invests in support capabilities

Phoenix is spending half a million on a distribution centre as it moves to ensure ti can underpin its managed services Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell News Jun 24, 2015

RingCentral acquires Glip for team collaboration capabilities

RingCentral acquires Glip to strengthen its portfolio as enterprises put more focus on team collaboration applications. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jun 10, 2015

CERN picks Cisco to collaborate on advanced networking capabilities

Cisco joins CERN’s openlab industry partnership platform to help develop new computing infrastructure technology Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Get Started May 18, 2015

Expand healthcare imaging capabilities with the right VNA

Vendor neutral archives hold advantages over PACS, but a provider shouldn't blindly install a VNA and expect it to fix its healthcare imaging issues. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Get Started May 13, 2015

Exploring capabilities, costs of Microsoft Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure targets enterprises that want to connect their existing data centers to the cloud. But is Azure the best bet for your organization? Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Evaluate Jul 23, 2015

How can the Angler exploit kit's latest capabilities be mitigated?

As the Angler exploit kit evolves and adopts new functionality, it's becoming harder to detect and defend against. Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis advises how to mitigate the threat. Continue Reading


By Maxim Tamarov News May 04, 2015

Anti-sandbox capabilities found in Dyre malware

Seculert research discovers that a new version of the financial malware Dyre is avoiding sandbox detection by counting the number of cores. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Get Started Apr 28, 2015

An overview of NirLauncher's system monitoring capabilities

There are a bevy of diagnostic utilities out there, and NirLauncher's 100-plus tools are a worthy addition to an admin's tool belt. Continue Reading