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case: A case is a particular instance of something. In a business context, a case is a collection of ...

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By George Lawton Feb 02, 2015


By Karen Scarfone Manage Jan 29, 2015

The business case for email encryption software

Email encryption is a valuable security tool for enterprises, but where and how should it be deployed? Expert Karen Scarfone outlines specific use cases for email encryption software. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Get Started Feb 18, 2015

Exploring VMware EVO:RAIL partners and use cases

Members of the VMware EVO:RAIL partners list are starting to roll out their appliances for the hyper-converged infrastructure offering. Here's five links to help you learn all about them. Continue Reading


By Wolfgang Dietl Feb 11, 2015

Pros and cons of VMware EVO:RAIL use cases

Although EVO:RAIL is a viable competitor to other hyper-converged offerings, there are still pros and cons to consider. Continue Reading


By Margaret Jones Manage Dec 04, 2014

Making the case for HTML5 clients

HTML5 clients have improved significantly since their inception. With better protocols and GPU acceleration, device-agnostic HTML5 is a good option for enterprise users to access remote desktops and applications. Continue Reading


By Adam Hughes Evaluate Dec 02, 2014

The diminishing case for private cloud deployment

Private cloud gives enterprises control over a secure environment and peace of mind to those unsure of public cloud. But project failure is an ever-looming possibility. Continue Reading


Feb 09, 2015

Computer Weekly datacentre and storage case studies

Winners of the 2014 Computer Weekly European User Awards for datacentre and storage. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Manage Feb 05, 2015

Does a tester actually need test cases?

Discover whether or not test cases are necessary in this expert answer by consultant Robin Goldsmith. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Feb 02, 2015

Ten top iBPM use cases

Intelligent BPM, or iBPM, combines the best of traditional BPM with disruptive technologies. Check out some of the best uses for intelligent BPM. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Evaluate Nov 21, 2014

Making the case for SMB security services

It's critical for SMB customers to understand that they are potential targets of cybercrime, according to Page Moon, CIO of Focus Data Solutions. Continue Reading