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case: A case is a particular instance of something. In a business context, a case is a collection of ...

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By Bill Hayes Get Started Jun 08, 2015

The business case for data loss prevention products

Data loss prevention (DLP) can help any organization where the loss of sensitive information could seriously impact continued operation, explains Bill Hayes. Continue Reading


By Andrew Froehlich Evaluate Jun 08, 2015

Making the business case for data center-class switches

Choosing the right data center-class switch depends on your needs. This article breaks down the benefits and uses for data center-class switches in emerging data center architectures. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow ,Meredith Courtemanche Get Started Jun 01, 2015

Use cases for implementing a converged infrastructure product

An organization can dramatically upgrade its data center by taking the converged infrastructure (CI) path. Working with a CI vendor eliminates significant hassles by bundling compute, storage and networking ... Continue Reading


By Beth Stackpole News May 21, 2015

Internet of Things use cases show progress

It may be early in the game, but use cases demonstrate that Internet of Things pioneers are having great success with IoT-connected products. Continue Reading


Mar 06, 2015

Why you need smarter case management

Business users will see myriad benefits from an emerging wave of case management applications Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Evaluate Apr 20, 2015

Use cases for Lean Six Sigma as a BPM tool

Lean Six Sigma and BPM are intended to improve business optimization. Learn how working with both improves long-term goals. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Feb 02, 2015


By Andy Hayler Manage Jun 30, 2015

Data lake concept needs more big data use cases to flourish

Hadoop data lakes offer an enticing location for large data sets. But consultant Andy Hayler says more examples of successful big data projects are needed to help boost their adoption. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Apr 14, 2015

What's the business case for Amazon's three AWS monitoring tools?

CloudTrail, CloudWatch and AWS Config are three different tools from Amazon that help enterprises monitor AWS. Expert Dan Sullivan explains the differences between the three and when each should be used. Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Manage Jan 29, 2015

The business case for email encryption software

Email encryption is a valuable security tool for enterprises, but where and how should it be deployed? Expert Karen Scarfone outlines specific use cases for email encryption software. Continue Reading