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case: A case is a particular instance of something. In a business context, a case is a collection of ...

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IoT Agenda

By Dr. Tom Bradicich Get Started Oct 26, 2016

IoT and the case for intelligence at the edge

As IoT data grows, our challenge is to develop systems that capture and process data fast, efficiently and at the point where it can have maximum impact. Intelligence at the edge can help. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Sep 28, 2016

RPA in healthcare: The potential use cases

Robotic process automation (RPA) is beginning to appear in many industries, including healthcare. An expert discusses RPA use cases in healthcare. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Nov 23, 2016

Case study: How the RAC is digitising roadside assistance

The RAC, an organisation steeped in tradition, is on a modernisation drive. We look at how Microsoft Azure is helping it digitise older cars Continue Reading


Sep 02, 2016

A case study in critical infrastructure interdependency

This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series provides a short introduction to Critical Infrastructure Protection Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Aug 29, 2016

APIs in healthcare: Possible use cases

Although APIs may not be new in other industries, in healthcare APIs are still finding their place. Experts discuss possible use cases for APIs in healthcare. Continue Reading


By Steve Weissman Manage Oct 12, 2016

How case management can tighten up your SOA environment

Steve Weissman explains how principles of case management can be used in a SOA environment to coordinate between its moving parts in order to run seamlessly. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Aug 03, 2016

Government considers use cases for blockchain

A government Select Committee met with industry experts to discuss the potential for using blockchain in and outside of the UK government Continue Reading

Modern B2B Integration

Sponsored Oct 10, 2016

Out with the Old for B2B Integration: The Case for Modernization

Although business-to-business (B2B) systems and processes have been in place for decades in all industries, integrating and gaining true synergy from those systems have become elusive goals for many enterprises. In... Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater May 13, 2016


Sep 22, 2016

Investigatory Powers Bill – the case for mass surveillance

As the Investigatory Powers Bill goes through its final stages in Parliament, a former GCHQ intelligence officer puts the case for the bulk surveillance powers contained in the legislation Continue Reading