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By Michael Cobb Evaluate Aug 04, 2016

Will Google's Certificate Transparency prevent certificate abuse?

Google's Certificate Transparency tool publicly logs certificates issued by CAs. Expert Michael Cobb explains how the log viewer works to improve certificate security. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Sep 29, 2016

Mozilla to drop WoSign as a trusted certificate authority

Citing a long list of transgressions, Mozilla prepares to sanction Chinese certificate authority WoSign by removing it from its list of trusted certificate issuers. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller ,Michael Cobb Manage Sep 21, 2016

Trusted? Certificate authority risks and how to manage them

Trusted certificate authorities are essential in today's business climate, but that doesn't mean they are easy to come by. Certificate authority risks are many, certainly, but this three-part technical guide is ... Continue Reading


By Jennifer English News Aug 05, 2016

New VMware tool helps track and manage certifications

In this SDN blog roundup, one networking pro looks at a new VMware tool for managing certifications, while another assesses new NFV-based managed security services. Continue Reading


By Chris Partsenidis Evaluate Aug 03, 2016

Cisco Collaboration certification technical quiz: Part 2

This Cisco Collaboration certification quiz tests your knowledge of telephony, gateways and messaging. Take the quiz to see if you're ready for the Cisco Collaboration exams. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Jul 22, 2016

Why cryptographic keys & digital certificates matter to DevOps

What happened was the marketing people at Venafi hired a corporate brand consultant and asked them to come up with a funky term so that the firm didn't have to just explain that it ... Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Get Started Jul 08, 2016

Register for AIIM's Certified Information Professional certification

AIIM has resurrected its Certified Information Professional certification, and you can register for it now. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Get Started Sep 06, 2016

Prove your virtualization skills with VCP6-DCV certification

The first step to becoming a qualified administrator is to pursue certification. The VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization exam is a good place to start. Continue Reading


By Rob Bastiaansen Get Started Mar 21, 2016

How to choose the right VMware certification track

VMware has made more changes to its certifications. Before you can understand all of the changes, it's important to know how to get started. Continue Reading


By David Carty News Mar 04, 2016

AWS careers benefit from skills, not certifications

Cloud computing positions increasingly demand AWS expertise. While the particulars may vary, job seekers need to get their hands dirty in the field to land their desired position. Continue Reading