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Consultant's 15 Salesforce certifications about more than pay

By Albert McKeon 31 Oct 2017

Chris Gardner has 15 certifications and plans on getting more. While that's paying off for his bottom line, he says, they can also help give clients peace of mind. Read More

Certificate authority business undergoes major changes

By Madelyn Bacon 03 Nov 2017

News roundup: Comodo and Symantec sales signal important changes in the certificate authority business. Plus, an Oracle vulnerability gets a CVSS score of 10.0, and more. Read More

Researchers uncover strong trade in code-signing certificates

By Warwick Ashford 31 Oct 2017

Illicit certificates are more expensive than counterfeit US passports, stolen credit cards and handguns on the dark web Read More

Running a private certificate authority: What are the risks?

By Michael Cobb 19 Oct 2017

Running a private certificate authority can pose significant risks and challenges to meet baseline requirements. Michael Cobb explores what enterprises should know. Read More

How training, seven Salesforce certifications helped reboot a career

By Albert McKeon 29 Sep 2017

John Coppedge became a Salesforce admin almost by accident -- and then he got laid off. Seven Salesforce certifications later, he's on a different career path. Read More

Is your data center certification knowledge up to date?

By Tim Culverhouse 19 Sep 2017

While the Uptime Institute was once the standard for data center certification, challenges from Switch, OSDA and others threaten to shake up the market. Take this quiz to certify your knowledge. Read More

The digital certificate: How it works, which to buy

By Brenda L. Horrigan 28 Jun 2017

This expert guide on the digital certificate provides essential information to what can be a complex purchase. Learn about the options and how to find the best for one for your network. Read More

Voluntary ONC certification requires API-related access

By Scott Wallask 06 Sep 2017

APIs are useful in improving EHR interoperability. From that perspective, electronic medical records that are certified by the ONC must adhere to API criteria. Read More

How the use of invalid certificates undermines cybersecurity

By Michael Cobb 22 Jun 2017

Symantec and other trusted CAs were found using bad certificates, which can create huge risk for internet users. Expert Michael Cobb explains how these incidents can be prevented. Read More

The case for code in the Salesforce developer certification

By Robert Peledie 30 May 2017

The Salesforce developer certification measures click skills or code skills. Here is a guide to knowing the code skills necessary to pass the Force.com Developer certification. Read More