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The block chain supply chain. Will these chains ever meet?

By Brian McKenna 12 Oct 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Greg Kefer, vice-president, marketing, Infor. Blockchain is arguably, one of the most hyped technologies around. Despite the fact that Gartner believes that 90% of ... Read More

How can supply chain greenhouse gas emissions be reduced?

By Dave Turbide 15 Dec 2017

Semi trucks are a small portion of total vehicles on the road but are a major source of pollution. Here's how leaders can help address this source of pollution. Read More

Predictive logistics reach beyond supply chain visibility

By Jim O'Donnell 02 Oct 2017

Getting real-time information on where goods are in a supply chain is commonplace with sensors and big data, but some firms use machine learning to predict more accurate ETAs. Read More

Can biometrics be the key to securing the IoT chain of trust?

By Daniel Asraf 04 Dec 2017

In today's evolving IoT landscape, biometrics is becoming an increasingly important method for authenticating individuals and securing the chain of trust. Read More

CCleaner malware spread via supply chain attack

By Michael Heller 19 Sep 2017

CCleaner malware was spread to users via an infected software update for close to one month, highlighting the dangers of supply chain attacks and the need for code signing. Read More

Microsoft turns to SAP Ariba for digital supply chain needs

By Jim O'Donnell 28 Nov 2017

In the past few years, Microsoft ramped up its production of devices, like the Xbox and Surface, which greatly increased the complexity of its supply chain, leading it to implement SAP Ariba. Read More

IoT ushers in a new era for supply chain fulfillment

By Kelly Frey 25 Oct 2017

IoT is streamlining processes and optimizing the supply chain. Telogis' Kelly Frey offers five examples of the benefits of IoT in the supply chain. Read More

Breaking the cyber kill chain

By Aaron Tan 13 Feb 2017

Traditional antivirus is no longer good enough for fileless malware attacks that don’t leave a trace Read More

Construct a chain of commands with the PowerShell pipeline

By Adam Bertram 28 Jul 2017

The pipeline in PowerShell connects multiple cmdlets to assemble complex commands to give administrators advanced management control over their systems. Read More

Plan for supply chain disruption as trade policies shift

By Jim O'Donnell 27 Jul 2017

PwC names supply chain disruption among three areas of uncertainty; data aggregation and skills gap are challenges to IoT adoption, according to new survey of IEEE members. Read More