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Conversations: SOA challenges and success factors

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By Antony Adshead News Jun 29, 2016

Containers and storage: The challenge of persistent storage

Containers have been rising in prominence over the past year or so, but this last week has seen a flurry of products and features aimed at changing the way they relate to storage. In some senses ... Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Aug 26, 2016

DevOps implementation challenges grow in green fields, too

Startups can begin their DevOps journey unencumbered by legacy infrastructure, but scaling infrastructure and training employees are still hurdles to overcome. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 22, 2016

How cloud helps alleviate mobile app development challenges

Learn about challenges in the mobile app development process and how the cloud helps mitigate them by offloading operational tasks and allowing staff to focus more on innovation. Continue Reading


Apr 01, 2016

Cloud DLP rises to the challenge

Monitoring and controlling data that is stored in cloud services and downloaded to devices outside the enterprise network has become critical for CIOs and CISOs in today's environments. To implement effective cloud... Continue Reading


News Aug 05, 2016

Women, technology and diversity hiring -- it's still a challenge

Women are just one of many underrepresented groups in the software space. Expert advocates offer advice from the trenches including the importance of mentorship. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Jul 25, 2016

Epic's EHR: Challenges and lessons learned at Mass General

MGH CIO talks about the hospital's recent move to Epic's EHR. The hospital has encountered EHR challenges including moving off homegrown systems and a staggered implementation. Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford Get Started Jul 20, 2016

A look at the cloud migration challenges enterprises could face

One of the most common problems facing organizations is dealing with many cloud migration challenges. Expert Dave Shackleford discusses the challenges and how to deal with them. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Casey Manage Jul 18, 2016

Overcome cloud security challenges with these five expert tips

Security is the number one concern for enterprise IT when it comes to public cloud. Use these five tips to determine the security tools and strategies that will work best for you. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Manage Jul 18, 2016

Mobile LBS poses challenge for companies, consumers alike

Mobile location-based services have the potential to give companies serious consumer insight, but ethical issues abound. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jul 14, 2016

Challenger bank Starling gets UK banking licence

Starling Bank, which will offer smartphone-based current accounts, has been given a UK banking licence Continue Reading