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Conversations: SOA challenges and success factors

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By Matthew David Evaluate Oct 14, 2016

The capabilities and challenges of an EMM platform

Enterprise mobility management is essential for companies today. Find out what an EMM platform does, the challenges it may bring, and what a successful EMM process looks like. Continue Reading


By Sue Hildreth Manage Nov 11, 2016

Navigate the challenges of location-based technologies

Location data is used to not only provide navigation, but also to enhance customer engagement and improve marketing. But the path to success with location technologies can have bumps. Continue Reading


By Andrew Froehlich Problem Solve Oct 25, 2016

Multicloud environment poses management challenges

The growth of the multicloud environment among enterprises is fueling the need for management tools that reduce complexity and redundancy. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 10, 2016

Traditional partner programmes facing challenges

With partners moving to a services led model the consequences for the traditional approaches are profound Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Dec 06, 2016

SAM specialists facing challenges covering all the bases

A report from Flexera has revealed the low number of customers that are keeping a close eye on the applications they use Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Nov 29, 2016

Five challenges to protecting data on mobile devices

Mobile device protection can be problematic. Organizations that consider these areas of concern can get ahead of the trend and plan an all-encompassing data protection strategy. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Nov 28, 2016

Q&A: Google hardware challenges in the cloud

Bart Sano, Google vice president of platforms, talks about Google hardware choices in the context of enterprise demands, migration challenges and the next wave of cloud computing. Continue Reading


By Eamon McCarthy Earls News Nov 21, 2016

Cloud security challenges encapsulate service delivery

In this week's blog roundup, bloggers examine cloud-delivered security and the obstacles standing in the way of redefining the network. Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 21, 2016

Combat the latest cloud security challenges and risks

Enterprises continue to put cloud security strategies at the top of their to-do lists. Learn the latest cloud security risks and trends, as well as tips to secure your deployment. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Nov 16, 2016

Adobe uses shared responsibility to meet security challenges

Adobe discovers ways of addressing security challenges of scalability, diverse technology stacks and business criticality Continue Reading