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Conversations: SOA challenges and success factors

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By Lee Doyle Evaluate Nov 19, 2015

How to meet the challenges of NFV orchestration

Orchestration challenges are slowing NFV adoption, with a number of factors hindering deployments. Expert Lee Doyle explains and offers advice for service providers. Continue Reading


By Scott Sachs Manage Nov 03, 2015

The challenges of a global contact center

In order to handle calls successfully, a global contact center needs its agents to have a background in multiple products and to understand multiple cultures. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Problem Solve Oct 02, 2015

Deal with data capacity challenges

Data capacity challenges -- and the anxiety they bring -- result from the rapid explosion of data growth combined with barely increasing budgets. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Sep 21, 2015

The big data project challenge

On discovering that many big data projects fail Billy MacInnes wonders how the industry can ensure more of them are successful Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Sep 10, 2015

Key challenges of mobile compliance

Vigitrust CEO Mathieu Gorge surveys the key challenges of mobile device compliance and how mobile devices need to fit with regulations such as the Data Protection Act and PCI-DSS Continue Reading


By Nicole Lewis Manage Oct 19, 2015

Outdated technology: A channel partner challenge

Channel companies find no shortage of out-of-date technologies -- from Windows Server 2003 machines to aging Unix systems -- in their customer's data centers. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Aug 19, 2015

Address ROBO backup challenges

Historically, remote office/branch office (ROBO) backup has been a challenge. The cost to send large amounts of data over the wire to a central data center was too expensive for most organizations. So, most ROBO ... Continue Reading


By Jeff Loughridge Problem Solve Aug 03, 2015

Mitigating the challenges of container networking

Container networking can cause issues at scale. Networking expert Jeff Loughridge suggests ways network engineers can work around such challenges. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Sep 30, 2015

Microsoft private cloud backup challenges

There are two major challenges that must be addressed when backing up a Microsoft private cloud: figuring out what needs protection and backing up virtual machines. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson Evaluate Nov 25, 2015

Hyper-converged system challenges: Performance, integration

Larger enterprises may run into more challenges with a hyper-converged system than smaller enterprises, but both should look out for compatibility and performance issues. Continue Reading