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Newspaper woes show that when technology changes, everything changes

By Tim Worstall 06 Nov 2017

Traditionalists bemoan the declining finances of newspapers, but those old sources of revenue aren't coming back – technology has changed everything Read More

The changing role of the CIO

27 Oct 2017

In this Essential Guide, explore how digital transformation, technology innovation and C-level engagement is changing the modern CIO's role. Read More

Microservices are about organisational change

By Aaron Tan 23 Oct 2017

Microservices technology can pave the way for companies to decentralise the way they build software to deliver innovation and reduce the cost of failure Read More

Managing change

05 Jul 2017

A series of inspirational quotes for IT managers. Cut them out, file them, or pin them up to remind you when you are looking for inspiration. Read More

Data protection technologies changing the market

13 Nov 2017

The world of data protection is constantly evolving, and organizations need to be prepared with an arsenal of tools to face modern data protection threats and hurdles. Read More

How to make software changes, properly

By Adrian Bridgwater 21 Aug 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Anson Kelly in his role as senior developer for independent car buying website carwow. Kelly discusses how software can be ... Read More

Analyst: The changing role of the CIO in healthcare

By Kristen Lee 20 Oct 2017

The changing role of healthcare CIOs is due to many factors: emerging technologies, regulations, reimbursement and more. An analyst suggests how CIOs can stay current. Read More

Smart LEDs: Changing the indoor experience

By Tom Pannell 11 Oct 2017

Silicon Labs' Tom Pannell explains the benefits of smart LEDs, from energy savings to agriculture gains to serious health benefits. Read More

Cyber security demands change in approach

By Warwick Ashford 21 Sep 2017

There needs to be a change in the way technology is designed and in attitudes to data security to ensure cyber safety, say industry experts Read More

VMworld 2017: How to change the face of legacy

By Cliff Saran 15 Sep 2017

If change is the only constant, the IT industry is the 21st century engine of change, relentlessly grinding out more features at a faster rate Read More