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Evaluate May 15, 2015

Could SDN network virtualization change everything?

Jim Metzler explains the need for network virtualization, explores SDN in the WAN and discusses bringing SDN into the data center. Continue Reading


News Feb 26, 2015

How virtualization changes hardware purchases

With the rise of the software-defined data center and new hardware options that take advantage of virtualization, we're seeing another transformation in the way hardware is purchased. Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 14, 2015

How is mobility changing the role of marketing?

Marketing departments are starting to help other areas of business, using their wealth of data to build better, deeper customer relationships. Continue Reading


Apr 02, 2015

Why the BI market is ripe for change

Things in the business intelligence market are changing and the channel needs to know its options says Peter Baxter, Managing Director EMEA at Yellowfin Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford News Mar 31, 2015


By Jonathan Hassell Get Started Mar 25, 2015

Windows Server networking improvements and changes

The next version of Windows Server will see the end of network access protection, but more networking enhancements can be found within. Continue Reading


By James Denman Manage Dec 23, 2014

Change control tools keep change control regulated

Change control tools help to manage data and keep change controls in order. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Jan 19, 2015

How is Internet authentication changing?

You've reviewed the webcast, tip and podcast. So: Are you ready for the way Internet authentication practices will be changing? Take this quiz and see. Continue Reading


By Aislyn Fredsall News May 12, 2015

Changes in technology create new difficulties for GRC processes

In this #GRCChat, participants discuss how changes in technology affect GRC management and consider who should be responsible for that management. Continue Reading


By Sonia Groff News May 08, 2015

SN blogs: Changing dynamics for the mobile application operator

This week, an analyst discusses the changing dynamic of mobile application operations; another says your enterprise might be ready for SD-WAN. Continue Reading