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By Carol Woodbury Manage Oct 31, 2005

Changing QCRTAUT from *CHANGE to *USE

One user writes, "I have been asked by an auditor to change the QCRTAUT value from *Change to *Use. If I change the libraries to *USE rather than the SYSVAL, will I accomplish the same thing without having to ... Continue Reading


Manage Sep 03, 2010

Change management: Change in requirements

When requirements change late in software development project things have a tendency to go wrong. Learn methods one expert uses to avoid complication when adapting a project t to meet revised requirements. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 10, 2002

How not to resist change

Get advice managing hotfixes and system changes. Continue Reading


Jun 11, 2007

Change management: Reasons for change resistance

Learn about IT change management, read about passive and active resistance and get 20 reasons why employees resist enterprise change. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 05, 2002

Change management

Keeping a record of your network and its changes reduces errors and problems. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 19, 2007

Change management

Control configuration changes in customer shops to minimize incidents that could impact their businesses. Get help in this book excerpt by Dan Sullivan. Continue Reading


May 11, 2001

Changing leadership

E-business has brought with it an ever-changing environment, and IT leaders could wear the crown in this Brave New World, writes... Continue Reading


By James Denman Manage Dec 23, 2014

Change control tools keep change control regulated

Change control tools help to manage data and keep change controls in order. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 25, 2002

Plan and review changes

Benefits of doing changes systematically. Continue Reading


News Nov 22, 2004

SAVCHGOBJ -- Save Changed Objects

SAVCHGOBJ -- Save Changed Objects Continue Reading