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News Sep 27, 2016

The changing role of the CIO

In this Essential Guide, explore how business digitization, technology innovation and C-level engagement is changing the modern CIO's role. Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Sep 30, 2016

Stop procrastinating, become a change agent

Don't be like the white-haired bride and groom who put off the big event until they could afford it. Now is the time for action, says organizational agility expert Joseph Flahiff. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Aug 17, 2016

Anniversary Update Display Scaling Changes

Windows PC can get wonky when docking or adding a display while a user is logged in. James Burrage explains Anniversary Update display scaling changes to better handle such situations. Continue Reading


By Colin Steele Get Started Jun 14, 2016

Change the recipe for success

Enterprise mobility isn’t like rotisserie chicken. You can’t just set it and forget it. Going mobile is an ongoing process. It doesn’t start with BYOD and end with enterprise mobility management. ... Continue Reading


By Jeremy Bergsman Evaluate Sep 30, 2016

Changes in CISO responsibilities call for new reporting structure

CISO responsibilities are both expanding and shifting to other departments. CEB's Jeremy Bergsman sorts out the future state of IS, privacy and the risk ecosystem. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Wael Elrifai Get Started Sep 30, 2016

No, IoT will not change the world

IoT captures details of the "things" in this world, letting us know what's going to happen next without having to understand the "why" of the equation. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad News Sep 30, 2016

GDS of the future- changes to IT spending controls

Times are changing at the Government Digital Service (GDS). Not only is the organisation moving out of its home in Holborn, its power is also shifting.Yesterday, GDS announced in a blog post that ... Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau ,Meredith Courtemanche ,Tom Nolle Problem Solve Sep 29, 2016

How container deployment changes the capacity-management equation

The decision to proceed with container deployment should be based on a clear understanding of what exactly containers can enable and what ramifications they will have on an IT infrastructure. With containerization ... Continue Reading


By Josh Hewer Sep 27, 2016

ESN: a long-term evolution or a game-changing revolution?

There is little doubt that the Home Office’s plan to update the Emergency Services Network is transformational, but how does it compare internationally? Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Jul 25, 2016