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By W. Curtis Preston Mar 05, 2003

Off-site copies on the cheap

Off-site copies on the cheap Continue Reading


By W. Curtis Preston Mar 07, 2003

Surprise! cheap disks cure slow backup

Surprise! cheap disks cure slow backup Continue Reading


Oct 13, 2003

Siebel to introduce cheap CRM

Siebel has announced a strategy to provide cheap customer relationship management software to users who are unable to implement... Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Nov 30, 2004

Cheap SANs -- Hype or hot?

There's a lot of talk about cheap SANs for SMBs, but even the marketing guys admit that until better integrated software come along, it's still a case of "watch this space." Continue Reading


By Pierre Dorion Manage Sep 07, 2006

The rising cost of cheap storage

The commoditization of storage has been driving acquisition cost down for quite some time. However, hidden costs are now starting to surface as organizations struggle to manage hundreds of terabytes of data. This ... Continue Reading


By Pierre Dorion Manage Aug 05, 2008

The rising cost of cheap SMB storage

The commoditization of data storage has been consistently driving its acquisition costs down. However, hidden costs have surfaced as SMBs struggle to manage growing amounts of data. This tip discusses some of the ... Continue Reading


Apr 23, 2003

Thought for the day: Fancy a cheap pen?

How much does good information security cost? Rather less than a cheap pen, says Simon Moores. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett News Feb 16, 2005

iSeries and mainframe users get cheap disk

One by one, products are appearing that connect proprietary operating systems to cheap, open-systems disk -- at last. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Problem solve Feb 19, 2008

Cheap commodity servers can turn into expensive investments

Installing "cheap" commodity servers turns out to be more expensive than a capacity planning team and a data center equipment procurer plan. Continue Reading


By Arif Mohamed Jul 16, 2004

Cheap chip order may bring low-cost laptops

Intel has produced a low-cost version of its Pentium M processor for an unnamed PC maker, fuelling speculation that cheap laptops... Continue Reading