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By David Hill Evaluate Jun 18, 2012

Choosing archive management software

David Hill discusses considerations for choosing archive management software in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading


By Gabe Knuth Evaluate Oct 24, 2011

Choosing performance monitoring tools

There are many performance monitoring tools to choose from. In this tip, we describe which tools do what and how to choose the best monitoring tool for your desktop environment. Continue Reading


Evaluate Dec 21, 2004

Choosing a wireless architecture

This article discusses important issues in choosing a wireless architecture and describes products from a small sampling of vendors. Continue Reading


Evaluate Dec 11, 2001

Choosing an OLAP product

If you are building a data warehouse, choosing an OLAP product will probably be the single most important decision you make. Continue Reading


Aug 23, 2000

Choosing middleware software

Choosing middleware to knit together disparate systems can be one of the biggest headaches in IT. But getting it right can also... Continue Reading


By Rick Cook Apr 18, 2003

Choose the right tape library

Some considerations for choosing the right tape library. Continue Reading

News Oct 27, 2009

Choosing a carrier: Innovation

We continue our series of article advising on how to choose a telecommunications carrier with a look at how carrier innovation can ensure viability to safeguard your relationship, while also creating business ... Continue Reading


By Tom Pisello Evaluate Nov 07, 2003

Choosing ERP software

We are in the process of choosing what ERP software to implement. With the recent mergers (Oracle, JD Edwards) do you have any strategies that I can use to reassure management that we have made the right decisions ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 06, 2006

Choosing an offsite backup vendor

Backup expert Curtis Preston offers guidelines for choosing an offsite backup vendor. Continue Reading


By Pierre Dorion Evaluate Jan 08, 2007

Choosing the right storage solution

Business continuance expert Pierre Dorion assists a reader in choosing a storage solution. Continue Reading