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client: A client is the requesting program or user in a client/server relationship.

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By Giovanni Davila Problem Solve Jul 27, 2001

Copying clients

I am working on a client's training system. I had copied the standard client 800 to client 400. However we discovered that all the data needed for training does not exist in the 800 client. I later discovered that ... Continue Reading


Evaluate May 26, 2004

Trusted clients vs. untrusted clients

A brief look at the CLIENT authentication types in DB2 UDB 8.1. Continue Reading


Nov 22, 2005

Client hardening

This excerpt from Microsoft Windows Group Policy Guide covers best practices for creating and maintaining a secure environment for desktops and laptops running Windows XP Professional. Hardening clients also... Continue Reading


News Aug 13, 2004

BOSÂNOVA thin clients ship with newest Citrix ICA client

BOSÂNOVA thin clients ship with newest Citrix ICA client Continue Reading


By Barb Goldworm Problem Solve Sep 19, 2007

PC blades, virtual clients and zero clients

Barb Goldworm discusses why blade server technology is making a come back in the data center, and talks about virtual and zero clients. Continue Reading


Apr 06, 2004

Avoid closing Notes client

This tip gives code to prevent the closing of the Notes client by users. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Sep 06, 2001

Client Access full screen

Here's an easy way to expand the Client Access window to a full screen. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 10, 2002

Automating your client inventory

Here's a simple method for logging hardware and software inventory from client PCs running Windows NT. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started Jun 03, 2014

Mobile thin client basics

Companies with regulated information can still give road warriors secure access to virtual desktops via mobile thin clients. Continue Reading


By Sam Gassem Problem Solve Dec 13, 2006

TREX servers for clients

Expert Sam Gassem explains how to tell when more than one TREX server is needed for multiple clients. Continue Reading