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cloud: In telecommunications, a cloud is the unpredictable part of any network through which data passes ...

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By Ian Grant Feb 06, 2009


By Francoise Gilbert Problem solve May 19, 2011

Cloud computing contracts and cloud outages

An examination of what cloud providers offer customers in the event of service interruption. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Aug 09, 2012

Cloud backup versus cloud storage comparison

Cloud hype has blurred the cloud storage and cloud backup, recovery and restore line. This tip will offer a cloud BURR versus cloud storage comparison. Continue Reading


By Francoise Gilbert Problem solve Nov 22, 2011

Cloud contracts: Cloud computing pricing

The unpredictability of cloud service pricing can make budgeting difficult for CIOs and CISOs. Continue Reading


Mar 28, 2013

Public cloud vs private cloud vs hybrid cloud

As an enterprise architect, you already know you're going to adopt cloud architecture. Will it be public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud? Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jan 30, 2009


By Tom Nolle Problem solve Jun 06, 2013

What cloud bursting and disaster recovery mean for hybrid cloud

Cloud bursting and disaster recovery are major cloud selling points. But a hybrid cloud app that can accomplish both may be the best approach of all. Continue Reading


By Jenny Williams Sep 14, 2010


By Ellen O'Brien News Mar 13, 2013

Cloud gateways morph into cloud controllers market

After the addition of encryption, clones and deduplication capabilities, cloud storage controllers are the new cloud gateways. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Get started Nov 26, 2014

Cloud portability concerns in cloud service systems

Learn about cloud portability integration issues when moving to a cloud service system. Continue Reading