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By Jason Sparapani Evaluate Aug 10, 2015

Take on cloud-to-cloud integration, and enjoy the results

Getting business and IT systems to communicate is no easy task -- throw in cloud apps, and it gets harder still. But sharing data today is not an option. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Get Started Jul 29, 2015

Testing cloud applications for Azure, Google Cloud

As software development cycles accelerate, IT must more rapidly test cloud-based applications. The right tools and services can help pick up the pace. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Jul 23, 2015

Why would public cloud providers turn off customer cloud accounts?

Public cloud providers reserve the right to shut off vulnerable cloud accounts, but how does it work? Expert Dan Sullivan explains. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Get Started Aug 10, 2015

Cloud integration tools abound

There’s no shortage of tools to integrate cloud applications. Here’s a brief list of the main ones on the market. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate Jul 09, 2015

Choosing the best cloud server for your hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud hinges on data management and data movement, which is important to remember when choosing a cloud server. Continue Reading


Jul 03, 2015

Building a cloud of clouds to balance flexibility and control

CIOs need to plan for using a multitude of cloud providers and prepare for how best to manage such a situation Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Problem Solve Jun 30, 2015

Addressing the VENOM cloud vulnerability with cloud patch management

The VENOM cloud vulnerability was called the next Heartbleed, but how bad is it? Expert Rob Shapland explains the affect it should have on your enterprise. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jul 22, 2015

Microsoft grows cloud business

Microsoft's Azure and cloud business experienced triple-digit growth in its fourth quarter of 2015, according to CEO Satya Nadella Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Evaluate Jun 23, 2015

CloudHSM offers premium level of cloud security

AWS provides numerous customizable security options for its customers, but those in search of private access to dedicated hardware turn to CloudHSM. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Manage Jun 23, 2015

Police your public cloud with AWS CloudTrail

Many AWS customers are unaware of the vast security options AWS CloudTrail provides. Use this native tool to meet your security and compliance needs. Continue Reading