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In telecommunications, a cloud is the unpredictable part of any network through which data passes ...Read More

Cloud native series: Amido is for the cloud, of the cloud, in the cloud

By Adrian Bridgwater 26 Sep 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Chris Gray in his capacity as technical director at Amido. Amido is a technical consultancy specialising in customer ... Read More

Oracle Cloud VP on the future of cloud computing technology

By Joel Shore 01 Dec 2017

Which cloud app development and migration path is best for your company – lift and shift, SaaS or PaaS? They are all viable choices that may be impacted by your legacy code load. Read More

Cloud Native Series: Interana on a case of the common cloud

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Nov 2017

The is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Lior Abraham in his role as founder of Interana. Interana is a specialist in interactive behavioural analytics software for ... Read More

Ransomware in the cloud: How to handle the threat

By Ed Moyle 06 Dec 2017

Expert Ed Moyle looks at ransomware in the cloud and how it differs from traditional ransomware attacks. Find out how your organization can prepare for both. Read More

Cracking genomic codes with the cloud

By Aaron Tan 29 Nov 2017

Australian researchers are using Amazon’s Lambda serverless computing service to solve pressing health problems Read More

The Cloud Security Ecosystem

28 Nov 2017

In this excerpt from chapter seven of The Cloud Security Ecosystem, authors Ryan Ko and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo discuss protecting digital identity in the cloud. Read More

Multi-Cloud Management

28 Nov 2017

In this e-guide, we take a closer look at how some organisations are overcoming the challenges of multi-cloud, and – in turn – reaping the rewards of expanding the range of suppliers they source services from. Read More

Why cloud reconnaissance is crucial to a secure cloud environment

By Frank Siemons 18 Oct 2017

Knowledge is power, which is why cloud reconnaissance and enumeration are key when it comes to securing the cloud. Expert Frank Siemons explains why and how to do it. Read More

Focusing on the cloud reality

By Billy MacInnes 08 Nov 2017

It's easy to lose sight of what is actually happening in the market sometimes warns Billy Macinnes Read More

What ‘born in the cloud’ means for developers

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Nov 2017

When it comes to building cloud-native apps, developers must code with an inherent appreciation for where processing, storage and analytics happens Read More