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cloud: In telecommunications, a cloud is the unpredictable part of any network through which data passes ...

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Reimagining the Cloud

Sponsored Nov 11, 2015

Making Cloud Services More Transparent

Lack of operational transparency and compliance information can keep organizations from relying on cloud deployments and slow down cloud expansion. Without clear usage reporting and operational data results, ... Continue Reading

Reimagining the Cloud

Sponsored Nov 11, 2015

Big Data Workloads in the Cloud

Both large enterprises and smaller companies are leveraging public cloud for big data analytic needs. Cloud services offer analysis on demand and immediate access for c-suite and key decision-makers. Moreover, when... Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 04, 2015

Mastering the cloud contract

Cynthia Nustad recalls a time not that long ago when businesses didn't have much flexibility in negotiating contracts with cloud providers. "Maybe you could negotiate on price or add-ons, but the core service was ... Continue Reading

Transform Your Business

Sponsored Oct 15, 2015

Cloud Key to Digital Transformation

Advances in online and mobile technology have ushered in the Idea Economy. Technology is no longer simply an enabler of business. Today, technology is the basis of business and the key to innovation. Succeeding in ... Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Oct 13, 2015

VMware reacts to the cloud and containerisation

At VMworld Europe, VMware restates products and roadmap visions that see it react to the perceived inevitability of the cloud, while also getting a grip on containers Continue Reading


By Lynn Haber News Sep 17, 2015

Cloud Partners conference: How to overcome cloud skepticism

The CIO of Asheville, N.C., offered tips to partners on how to overcome customer objections to cloud adoption at a recent channel conference. Continue Reading


By John Moore News Sep 16, 2015

Cloud consulting services: Accenture to buy Cloud Sherpas

Accenture's pending purchase of Cloud Sherpas could be a harbinger of additional buyouts as large integrators seek to grow cloud revenue. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Nov 25, 2015

Arcserve Cloud offers customers cloud target and remote failover

Backup software and appliance supplier guarantees availability but latency depends on customer-bought infrastructure Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Oct 07, 2015

More businesses put ERP in the cloud

Businesses are increasingly moving enterprise resource planning to the cloud to make expansion easier Continue Reading


Manage Oct 05, 2015

CSA Guide to Cloud Computing

In this excerpt of CSA Guide to Cloud Computing, authors Rai Samani, Brian Honan and Jim Reavis review cloud security threats based on research by the CSA's Top Threats Working Group. Continue Reading