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cloud: In telecommunications, a cloud is the unpredictable part of any network through which data passes ...

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By Tom Nolle Evaluate Jun 29, 2011

Why the cloud of today isn't the cloud of tomorrow

Because cloud has so much room to grow, it can be foolish to predict its future based on the proliferation and success of today's cloud projects. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Sep 19, 2013

To cloud or not to cloud: What's your cloud migration strategy?

Migrating to the cloud is often touted as a no-brainer. But not all workloads benefit from the move, so hammer out a solid cloud migration strategy. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jan 30, 2009


By Ciprian Popoviciu Feb 19, 2013

How do cloud elasticity and cloud scalability differ?

Cloud elasticity and cloud scalability are both characteristics of cloud services, but support different goals, says cloud expert Chip Popoviciu. Continue Reading


Feb 01, 2010

Cloud data storage: Cloud storage providers, pricing and more

Learn more about storing data in the cloud through a look at cloud storage pricing, internal private clouds and external public clouds, and what you should ask a potential cloud storage provider. Continue Reading


By Ian Grant Feb 06, 2009


By Marc Staimer Problem Solve Oct 13, 2011

Cloud storage review: Cloud storage requirements to know

In this cloud storage review, learn what differentiates storage in the cloud from cloud storage and the technology requirements associated with cloud storage. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Aug 09, 2012

Cloud backup versus cloud storage comparison

Cloud hype has blurred the cloud storage and cloud backup, recovery and restore line. This tip will offer a cloud BURR versus cloud storage comparison. Continue Reading


Dec 20, 2010

Cloud computing: Building the private cloud

Building the cloud is an enormous undertaking, and building a private cloud brings about a number of network challenges. Learn how to address capacity management and storage virtualization when building the private... Continue Reading


By Francoise Gilbert Problem Solve May 19, 2011

Cloud computing contracts and cloud outages

An examination of what cloud providers offer customers in the event of service interruption. Continue Reading