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Jul 03, 2015

Building a cloud of clouds to balance flexibility and control

CIOs need to plan for using a multitude of cloud providers and prepare for how best to manage such a situation Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Problem Solve Jun 30, 2015

Addressing the VENOM cloud vulnerability with cloud patch management

The VENOM cloud vulnerability was called the next Heartbleed, but how bad is it? Expert Rob Shapland explains the affect it should have on your enterprise. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne Evaluate Jun 23, 2015

CloudHSM offers premium level of cloud security

AWS provides numerous customizable security options for its customers, but those in search of private access to dedicated hardware turn to CloudHSM. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Manage Jun 23, 2015

Police your public cloud with AWS CloudTrail

Many AWS customers are unaware of the vast security options AWS CloudTrail provides. Use this native tool to meet your security and compliance needs. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Jun 18, 2015

Cloud authentication: What's the best way to secure cloud credentials?

Cloud credentials can create major vulnerabilities. Expert Dan Sullivan outlines how to detect compromised credentials and the best ways to prevent it. Continue Reading


By Sarah Wilson News Jun 12, 2015

Cloud storage security concerns dominate at Cloud Expo

Experts at the bi-annual event highlight concerns over cloud security even as cloud use cases grow in size. Continue Reading


By Kristin Knapp News Jun 11, 2015

Multi-cloud strategies to follow hybrid cloud craze

Enterprises that want greater flexibility will start to deploy a mix of IaaS platforms. But interoperability issues must be addressed first. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News Jun 30, 2015

Architecting health data for the cloud

Bayer HealthCare recently announced plans to improve health data and reduce pain management cases. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow ,Tom Nolle ,Brien Posey Evaluate Jun 26, 2015

Overcoming obstacles to cloud adoption

Interest in the cloud is steadily increasing, but an organization looking to make the move must first grapple with learning an entirely new way of computing. Privacy, security and compliance issues can be ... Continue Reading


By David Linthicum Evaluate Jun 02, 2015

Cloud blurs the line between cloud brokers and CIOs

As cloud continues to expand its market reach, IT roles are forced to evolve -- including CIOs. And it starts with breaking down department barriers. Continue Reading