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By Luke Marson Manage Apr 29, 2016

Integrate cloud to on-premises with HANA Cloud Integration

SAP offers a raft of prebuilt integrations that handle many of the key business processes between major cloud and on-premises applications, including SAP ERP. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Problem Solve Apr 20, 2016

How are cloud attacks abusing public cloud services?

Dropbox API abused by attackers posing as legitimate users in a huge spear phishing campaign. Expert Dan Sullivan explains how to mitigate the risks of these cloud attacks. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 06, 2016

Hybrid cloud benefits driving future of cloud storage

It's tough to see the future of cloud storage services without acknowledging hybrid cloud benefits. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 26, 2016

UK slides down cloud rankings

The BSA has warned that the UK is slipping in the race to be seen as a good place to put data into the cloud Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Mar 31, 2016

Oracle Cloud teases public cloud behind the firewall

Oracle Cloud brings a public cloud feel inside private data centers for customers unwilling to have data beyond their firewall, matching new offerings from IBM and Microsoft. Continue Reading


By Lindsay Clark May 25, 2016

An overview of cloud customer relationship management

Businesses are confident about buying customer relationship management (CRM) software as a cloud-based service. Computer Weekly looks at the main players Continue Reading


By John Burke Evaluate Mar 07, 2016

Cloud exchanges designed for WAN connections to public clouds

Emerging cloud exchanges offer access to multiple cloud services via WAN links with the benefits of better security and network performance than the public Internet. Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Manage May 24, 2016

Wireless management in the cloud heralds transformation

Placing wireless management in the cloud is gaining traction among enterprises as companies examine more efficient ways to oversee their networks. It's part of a shift that's affecting network infrastructure. Continue Reading


Apr 01, 2016

Cloud DLP rises to the challenge

Monitoring and controlling data that is stored in cloud services and downloaded to devices outside the enterprise network has become critical for CIOs and CISOs in today's environments. To implement effective cloud... Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Problem Solve May 20, 2016

How to address redundant cloud security controls

Overlapping security controls for cloud apps and services can be detrimental to enterprises. Expert Rob Shapland explains why that is, and what organizations can do about it. Continue Reading