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How to harness the collective intelligence of the enterprise

By Nicole Laskowski 02 Aug 2017

What is the collective intelligence of the enterprise and how can CIOs help their companies make it greater? MIT's Tom Malone has some suggestions. Read More

Taking a collective intelligence approach to IoT

By Klaus-Michael Vogelberg 13 Sep 2017

Sage's Klaus Michael Vogelberg offers steps toward driving IoT-connected data applications forward and explains why collective intelligence is critical. Read More

Connect, collect, analyse and activate NOW!

By Bernt Ostergaard 16 Jun 2017

The data driven enterprise needs APIs to interconnect its applications and ease-of-use to ensure broad access to data Read More

EU to collect biometrics of all visitors - which could include UK citizens post-Brexit

By Jennifer Baker 26 Oct 2017

European Parliament approves entry/exit system which will cover all non-EU visitors to the European Union Read More

Windows 10 telemetry data collection details revealed

By Peter Loshin 07 Apr 2017

Microsoft exposes Windows 10 telemetry practices just a week before Creators Update; may allay privacy concerns over Windows 10 data collection. Read More

Mass collection of data on population ‘illegal’, UK court told

By Bill Goodwin 05 Jun 2017

Investigatory Powers Tribunal hearing challenges GCHQ over legality of mass surveillance, as government plans moves to control encryption Read More

Rubbish digital collection needs to be addressed

By Cliff Saran 10 Feb 2017

Services like rubbish collection, that are usually outsourced, need greater digitisation to join up to council processes Read More

Information security metrics: What to collect in the cloud

By Dave Shackleford 03 Oct 2016

Threat-related metrics that CISOs find useful often differ from what the C-suite wants to know. Here's how to communicate risk -- and return -- on cloud security investments. Read More

IWM digitises vast collection in SpectraLogic tape archive

By Antony Adshead 28 Feb 2017

Imperial War Museum deploys SpectraLogic tape archive systems with LTFS Black Pearl in digitisation project for 21,000 hours of film and millions of images and voice recordings Read More