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Coming to grips with digital transformation in APAC

By Aaron Tan 08 Dec 2017

The hype over digital transformation is tapering off. Organisations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are now confronting the realities of rolling out digitalisation initiatives, many of which are ... Read More

The brain-computer interface comes of age?

By Nicole Laskowski 30 Nov 2017

Two entrepreneurs on the forefront of emerging tech describe their progress on developing a brain-computer interface for commercial use. Read More

Surface future comes under question

By Simon Quicke 04 Oct 2017

A leading channel analyst has predicted that Microsoft will pull the plug on its Surface product Read More

The internet of things in 2018: Five trends for the year to come

By Andrew Morawski 05 Dec 2017

Vodafone's Andrew Morawski explores five key internet of things trends business leaders and IT teams should consider in the coming year. Read More

Coming to grips with managed security services

By Aaron Tan 28 Sep 2017

Outsourcing IT security to a third party can improve an organisation’s cyber security posture, but in-house capabilities, such as drawing up security blueprints and strategies, should still be retained Read More

GDPR set to be a channel earner for years to come

By Simon Quicke 23 Nov 2017

The disruption caused by GDPR should be a chance for the channel to deliver services and technology well beyond its introduction next year Read More

The best email security comes through strategy and tactics

By Brenda L. Horrigan 09 Nov 2017

The best email security policy requires a holistic approach of the issue, understanding both the problem's scope and the most likely threats. Read More

Come to grips with immutable infrastructure in production

By Stephen J. Bigelow 22 Aug 2017

Immutable infrastructure is a developer approach to application hosting that's made its way into the IT ops lexicon. It's time to understand the changes it brings to application support. Read More

HCI software platforms come with challenges, benefits

By Clive Longbottom 24 Oct 2017

HCI vendors offer software-only options that allow IT to steer clear of lock-in and scalability concerns. However, commodity hardware that matches HCI software can be hard to come by. Read More

PC market decline coming to an end

By Priyanka Ketkar 15 Aug 2017

The PC market decline has encouraged vendors to innovate in order to survive. With this and several other factors, the decline is set to see a marked slowdown. Read More