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News Nov 13, 2006

Here come the 'versatilists'

The next generation of IT departments will be staffed by 'versatilists,' a new caste of twenty-something multi-disciplinary IT workers that will be needed if businesses are to achieve growth in coming years. Continue Reading


By Ian Grant Jan 24, 2008

Profiling coming under scrutiny

The capacity of organisations to build up "profiles" of people based on their use of the internet, their personal choices and other activities is coming under greater scrutiny by legislators and regulators in the ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 14, 2001

Coming out of standby mode

User submitted tip: Coming out of standby mode Continue Reading


By Eric Kimberling Evaluate Jul 17, 2014

SAP vs. Oracle: Who comes out ahead?

ERP implementations come down to a lot of things like risk, scalability, cost and duration. So who comes out ahead in an SAP vs. Oracle matchup? Continue Reading


News Oct 04, 2007

Four critical Windows patches coming in October

Microsoft will deliver four critical security patches that prevent remote code executions on Windows this coming Patch Tuesday. Continue Reading


By Caroline Baldwin Aug 01, 2014

Russian blogger law comes into action

A new information security law which places restrictions on Russian bloggers and social media users has come into force today Continue Reading


By Mike Rothman Manage Dec 27, 2007

Information security predictions for the coming year

Security remains a massive moving target for midmarket CIOs in 2008. Here are 10 predictions for the coming year. Continue Reading


Jun 02, 2004

SAN, NAS come together at last

Once sharply divided, SAN and NAS vendors are coming together to provide customers with solutions that best suit their needs. Continue Reading


Jul 12, 1999

The sound of things to come

PC audio has come a long way since the integration of audio onto computers, but greater changes are looming ahead Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jul 28, 2009

Tiscali comes bottom in Ofcom bandwidth tests

Tiscali has come out bottom of Ofcom's league table of internet service providers, with the lowest measured bandwidth compared with its advertised speed. Continue Reading