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By Nick Booth Nov 10, 2015

The Californians are coming

Nick Booth has just returned from the US where he got the chance to meet some of the firms setting their sights on the UK market Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Problem Solve Jan 06, 2016

The zettabytes are coming...fight back

Explosive data growth has brought about a commensurate increase in zettabytes, but a smart, proactive approach to archiving can help. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jan 22, 2016

Azure Management Console comes up short for some cloud admins

While the Azure Management Console is a good tool for basic Azure management tasks, it may not be the best choice for advanced usage. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Jan 20, 2016

Enterprises: Like It or Not, Here Comes Windows 10!

A recent blog post from Microsoft EVP Terry Myerson shows how the company is using both positive and negative inducements to get enterprise users to migrate to Windows 10. On the positive side: new ... Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Jan 18, 2016

Is cloud-based networking coming to Cisco IWAN?

Cisco's investment in VeloCloud suggests a strong interest in adding cloud-based networking services to SD-WAN products. Continue Reading


By Nick Booth Jan 18, 2016

Is the golden age of disruptive technology coming to an end?

Nick Booth casts an eye over some of the claims that are made by marketing types and wonders if things will change with technology supporting consensual data collection Continue Reading


By Jim Mortleman Nov 09, 2015

CIO guidance comes in all shapes and sizes

The best options for a CIO seeking advice depend on the size and nature of the organisation Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Oct 21, 2015

Interoperability in healthcare to come with strong standards

When it comes to healthcare interoperability, Marc Probst, CIO at Intermountain Healthcare, is outspoken to say the least. And he thinks the standards in place now aren't enough. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore News Oct 16, 2015

What if you build it and no one comes?

Application development isn't easy. That's why the profession of software engineering is so valued and why talented cloud and mobile app developers -- like you -- are continually sought after. That ... Continue Reading


Jul 27, 2015

The robots are coming

This in-depth report from Deloitte reviews robotic process automation (robotics) and its role in shared services and global business services (GBS). Continue Reading