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Jul 27, 2015

The robots are coming

This in-depth report from Deloitte reviews robotic process automation (robotics) and its role in shared services and global business services (GBS). Continue Reading


By Harvey Koeppel Evaluate Jul 08, 2015

Mobile payments come of age

Mobile payments mark the latest iteration in our 19,000-year history of commerce, says Harvey Koeppel. It's up to CIOs to make this evolutionary development work better. Continue Reading


By Nick Booth Jun 30, 2015

Data that comes after a promise of responsibility

Some of the firms that harvest user data and exploit it can give the recruitment industry a bad name but Nick Booth thinks he has found an exception that could change things Continue Reading


News Jul 28, 2015

Mobile payment methods come of age

Cattle, grain, shells, metal coins, paper bills, plastic cards. Don't see a pattern? Look again: All of them were or are forms of payment, and all of them are mobile. Mobile device technology-enabled payments are ... Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Manage Aug 27, 2015

Data preparation process comes under new scrutiny

Data preparation processes are changing as business users cope with big data in all its variations, according to the latest Talking Data podcast. Continue Reading


By Barry Wilderman Manage Aug 18, 2015

Buying software? Budgeting best practices come first

To ensure a smart choice, an expert explains the five pillars of budgeting best practices that your company should consider before evaluating budgeting automation software. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jun 10, 2015

Gartner: Smart machines are coming

CIOs will need to assess how smart machines, capable of making decisions without human intervention, will impact business processes Continue Reading


By David Nikel May 27, 2015

Cloud security summit comes to Norway

IT directors and security professionals from across the Nordics will gather in Oslo on 15 June for the first Nordic Summit from the CSA Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 18, 2015

Windows 10 coming this summer

Microsoft OS chief confirms that the launch of Windows 10 will be in the summer ahead of the previously expected fall release Continue Reading


May 11, 2015

Augmented reality comes to corporate IT

In this week's Computer Weekly, we hear from early adopter Zurich Insurance about how augmented reality apps can become part of the corporate IT landscape. We look at Microsoft's Nano Server – the cut-down version ... Continue Reading