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Mar 06, 2015

A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to desktop computing 2020

Tablets, smartphones, cloud computing and applications delivered as a service offer compelling new ways to work. In this 11-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how this way of working is likely to evolve ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Apr 22, 2015

High-performance computing with cloud clusters

An expert offers tips for using cloud clusters to roll out high-performance computing applications in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Feb 16, 2015

How to choose between cloud computing and virtualization

When it comes to cloud and virtualization, asking the right questions will help your IT org choose between the two or support a combination. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 12, 2015

Collaboration with Cloud Computing

In this excerpt of Collaboration with Cloud Computing, author Ric Messier outlines how enterprises can evaluate risk management in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Dale Vile Mar 10, 2015

Justifying end-user computing investments

Device proliferation and loss of control over at least some end-user equipment drives a need to centralise key aspects of IT delivery Continue Reading


By Brian Holak Manage Mar 09, 2015

Cloud computing management: A CIO quiz

Proper cloud conduct can make or break a company. Are you doing everything right? Assess your cloud computing management know-how with this CIO quiz. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate Feb 16, 2015

What to expect from Google Compute Engine in 2015

To trump the competition this year, Google will likely soup up its Google Compute Engine with new features around containers, hybrid cloud, SDN and more. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Feb 11, 2015

Scale Computing Inc. HC4000

Scale Computing's hyper-converged storage is built on the KVM hypervisor; new features include non-disruptive upgrades and thin cloning of VMs. Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Feb 05, 2015

Computing Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme unveiled for computing teachers

Hibernia College UK (HCUK) and The Tech Partnership unveil support for existing computing teachers Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Feb 04, 2015

Tesco Bank suffers computer problems

Tesco Bank customers are the latest to suffer as a result of IT problems Continue Reading