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By Simon Quicke Apr 13, 2016

Computer says no

Billy MacInnes muses non the flipside to everything being connected and wonders what happens when things get turned off Continue Reading


May 05, 2016

Cloud computing storage key management

Jagat Paudel addresses key management in cloud computing storage in this thesis from our Royal Holloway security series. Advances in technology in a commercial market have changed the shape of the traditional ... Continue Reading


By Trevor Pott Evaluate Apr 01, 2016

An exploration of the different types of cloud computing

From provisioning to monitoring resources, automation plays an essential role in the functions of all three types of cloud computing. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath May 25, 2016

HPE to merge IT services unit with Computer Sciences

Hewlett Packard Enterprise splits again, this time merging its IT services business with Computer Sciences Corp Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Mar 15, 2016

CW@50: 1966 - Computer Weekly goes to bat for the British computer industry

Launched in 1966 as part of a modernising wave to change British society, Computer Weekly battled for the nation’s industry against the US, and saw IT as an entry ticket to the Common Market Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Evaluate May 19, 2016

Edge computing becomes 'Wild West' of IT world

Among other benefits, edge computing -- a critical component for many IoT applications -- can boost performance and enhance security. But it isn't without its challenges. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate May 19, 2016

Open Compute servers bring innovation to everyday IT

Lower prices and increased efficiency are driving Open Compute servers toward more mainstream IT adoption. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Mar 15, 2016


By Trevor Jones News May 16, 2016

Public cloud vendors jump on serverless computing bandwagon

Serverless computing is all the rage with cloud providers, and tools such as AWS Lambda may change the way resources are utilized -- though it's still early days. Continue Reading