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Conversations: Problems with cloud computing

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By Clare McDonald May 14, 2015


By Tom Nolle Manage Sep 29, 2015

Avoid the cloud computing SLA trap

Service-level agreements for cloud computing will fail unless you approach the process like a small project. Expert Tom Nolle offers three steps for creating an effective cloud SLA. Continue Reading


Aug 18, 2015

Cloud computing in schools: privacy under threat

While IaaS and SaaS services are spreading in schools, the potential risks to the protection of students’ personal data are also growing Continue Reading


May 12, 2015

A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to microservers and hyperscale computing

Computer Weekly looks at how organisations are moving away from bricks-and-mortar datacentres running multiple servers, storage and network devices to seek out the advantages offered by modular and containerised ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 31, 2015

Obama orders superfast computer for 2025

The US is aiming to build a supercomputer that is able to process one exaflop or a billion billion operations a second to process big data Continue Reading


Sep 24, 2015

A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to networking technology advances

In this 11-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at some examples of these technologies, as well as what some of the more established suppliers are doing to re-invent the network. Continue Reading


Get Started Jul 22, 2015

Guide to examples of cloud computing in healthcare

Healthcare providers and vendors have to find common ground on costs and security for there to be an increase of the adoption of cloud in healthcare. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 19, 2015

Exertis acquires Computers Unlimited

Thirty year old Computers Unlimited has started a fresh chapter as part of Exertis Continue Reading


By Steve Weissman Manage Jul 17, 2015

How to avoid security issues in cloud computing

Allowing departments free range may create security issues for cloud computing within an entire enterprise. Continue Reading


News May 14, 2015