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A computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digitalized data) and manipulates it for...Read More

The brain-computer interface comes of age?

By Nicole Laskowski 30 Nov 2017

Two entrepreneurs on the forefront of emerging tech describe their progress on developing a brain-computer interface for commercial use. Read More

Edge computing and AI: From theory to implementation

By Ken Figueredo 15 Nov 2017

AI and edge computing are hot topics, but real-world implementations aren't as simple as they might sound. More With Mobile's Ken Figueredo explains. Read More

Computer and Information Security Handbook

01 Sep 2017

In this excerpt from chapter three of Computer and Information Security Handbook, author John R. Vacca reviews the basics of cryptography. Read More

Getting to know serverless computing architecture

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 27 Oct 2017

Bloggers explore the dynamics of serverless computing architecture, efficacy and efficiency with endpoint security and use cases for bidirectional forwarding detection Read More

A CIO vision of 'indiscriminate computing'

By Nicole Laskowski 23 Aug 2017

In the future, IT infrastructure will be so seamless, the business won't even know it's there. That's the CIO vision of David Giambruno. Read More

The future of cloud computing looks foggy

19 Oct 2017

The concept of cloud, while never sharply defined, may be growing even less clear. The intenet of things, for example, means more connected devices are showing up in more places, an unstoppable trend that will ... Read More

Oracle Cloud VP on the future of cloud computing technology

By Joel Shore 01 Dec 2017

Which cloud app development and migration path is best for your company – lift and shift, SaaS or PaaS? They are all viable choices that may be impacted by your legacy code load. Read More

Three warning signs serverless computing isn't right for you

By Tom Nolle 30 Nov 2017

Serverless technology is more accessible to enterprises through public cloud providers, but just because it's available, doesn't mean you should use it. Read More

Federal Cloud Computing

25 Jul 2017

In this excerpt from chapter three of Federal Cloud Computing, author Matthew Metheny discusses open source software and its use in the U.S. federal government. Read More

Weigh the pros and cons of cloud computing

By Paul Korzeniowski 21 Sep 2017

Some enterprises rush to public cloud for greater efficiency and lower costs -- but those perks don't always come easy. Explore cost and performance implications before you migrate. Read More