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By Brien Posey Get Started Mar 30, 2015

Configuration options for Windows 10 startup

Startup in Windows 10 is a little different than Windows 8. The Continuum feature alters how the OS behaves depending on what kind of device it's running on. Continue Reading


By Jonathan Hassell Get Started Apr 15, 2015

Getting acquainted with PowerShell Desired State Configuration

Desired State Configuration is a solid choice for administrators who have PowerShell chops. Here's an introduction. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Apr 10, 2015

What are my options for configuring Windows 8 startup?

The System Configuration tool features four tabs of options you can use to configure Windows 8 startup. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage Apr 07, 2015

What's the best HotAdd configuration for VMware VDP?

The HotAdd function speeds up backups in vSphere Data Protection, but certain requirements must be met to mount a disk. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Feb 26, 2015

Hit a configuration sweet spot with AWS Spot Instances

Using AWS Spot Instances when testing server setups can help companies tinker with different configurations without affecting the budget. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Feb 26, 2015

AWS OpsWorks automates configuration security

Automating configuration and change management with OpsWorks can help admins ensure consistency and security for cloud-based apps. Continue Reading


By Nirmal Sharma Get Started Feb 20, 2015

Hyper-V BPA sheds light on configuration mistakes

Microsoft Hyper-V BPA can help users fix unknown issues and put their environment in compliance with Microsoft best practices. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Evaluate Jan 08, 2015

Linux network configuration turns positively wicked

Wicked replaces a lot of old Linux network configuration commands and utilities in SLES 12, making the OS more cloud friendly. Continue Reading


By Jack Wallen Get Started Mar 24, 2015

How do I configure vSphere HA for automatic failover?

I want to install a virtualization environment with physical servers for failover and a storage server to boot up some virtual servers in our network. How can I do this? Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Get Started Mar 16, 2015

Can I configure DB2 replication from the mainframe to AIX?

I want to replicate DB2 from the mainframe to an AIX box since it's cheaper and the copy can be used for testing. Is this possible? Continue Reading