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News Feb 16, 2015

Hybrid cloud command and control

Expectations set by the public cloud around self-service and speed of deployment are beginning to creep into the enterprise. In the early days of cloud, developers were so wowed -- and the controls around accessing... Continue Reading


By Shawn Shell Manage Apr 10, 2015

Security controls move to information assets

Repository-level security is too imprecise to protect sensitive information from accidental leaks and intentional breaches. A composite of controls starting at the content level may be the answer. Continue Reading


By James Denman Manage Dec 23, 2014

Change control tools keep change control regulated

Change control tools help to manage data and keep change controls in order. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Mar 16, 2015

A first look at the Network Controller role

The Network Controller permits physical and virtual network infrastructure management, as well as configuring and managing firewall rules. Continue Reading


By Jeremy Stanley News May 11, 2015

Windows Update for Business gives IT more control

Microsoft divulged details on Windows Update for Business, a new option to help admins control when Windows 10 client devices receive updates by distinguishing update rings. Continue Reading


By Robert Richardson News Apr 22, 2015

IoT discovery and federation controls lacking

IoT discovery and federation controls are lacking. Benjamin Jun says the answer is to build better IoT federation and trust protocols. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Apr 10, 2015

Saisei network flow control delivers bandwidth equality

Saisei's latest software lets companies provide network users with equal shares of bandwidth. The network flow control product prevents slowdowns from bandwidth hogs. Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Get Started Apr 07, 2015

Three reasons to deploy network access control products

Expert Rob Shapland presents use case scenarios that have led to a rise in the adoption of network access control products among enterprises. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 07, 2015

Network-based controls: Securing the Internet of things

Devices may not connect to enterprise access systems or inventory and patching mechanisms. Take back control with these widely used network protocols. Continue Reading


Apr 07, 2015