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Ensure container monitoring and control via smart tooling

By Clive Longbottom 17 Jan 2018

Don't try to stick with traditional monitoring tools when your organization matures to containers; they won't do enough. Seek out monitoring and management tools with targeted capabilities. Read More

The endpoint security controls you should consider now

By Brien Posey 11 Jan 2018

With the perimeter wall gone, securing enterprise endpoints is even more essential. Learn how automation and other developments can up endpoint security now. Read More

Unknown apps: How does Android Oreo control installation?

By Kevin Beaver 05 Jan 2018

Android Oreo replaced the allow unknown sources setting with a new feature that enables users to selectively install unknown apps. Kevin Beaver explains what this change means. Read More

Net User Command Controls User Access Hours

By Ed Tittel 18 Dec 2017

Properly used, the Net User command controls user access hours for Windows users with surprising flexibility and reach. Read More

Triton framework used in industrial control attacks

By Michael Heller 15 Dec 2017

Security researchers discovered new ICS attacks using the Triton framework that may have been nation-state-sponsored and intended to cause real-world damage. Read More

Security Controls Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Handbook

28 Nov 2017

In this excerpt from chapter 11 of Security Controls Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Handbook, author Leighton Johnson discusses access control. Read More

Set up remote domains to control Exchange messaging

By Brien Posey 21 Nov 2017

Administrators can configure a remote domain to perform particular tasks, such as converting certain email formats and stopping users from forwarding messages to another domain. Read More

How security controls affect web security assessment results

By Kevin Beaver 16 Nov 2017

Network security controls are a blessing and a curse as they help an organization's IT environment, yet hinder web security assessment results. Kevin Beaver explains how they work. Read More