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By Robert McFarlane Manage Oct 27, 2014

Changes down the pipe for data center chiller operation

What goes into your data center chiller might be warmer than expected, as energy use reduction efforts threaten the capacity of CRAHs and other cooling systems. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Apr 06, 2015

Taking the mystery out of Google Compute Engine pricing

As the cloud market's IaaS war ensues, pricing battles between major cloud providers heat up. Will Google Compute Engine fit in your cloud budget? Continue Reading


By Archana Venkatraman Jul 08, 2014

CIO interview: Bill Peters, head of IT, Caterham Formula 1 Group

Bill Peters, head of IT at Caterham, talks about the challenges of delivering IT to scientists, engineers and F1 drivers Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Apr 01, 2015

Gain hands-on security experience in Exchange

To ensure a resilient Exchange setup, admins must know how to run tests, find vulnerabilities and examine Exchange's reaction to simulated attacks. Continue Reading


Sponsored Mar 11, 2015

How High-Density Storage Fits Into Your Converged Infrastructure

The explosion of data growth has left enterprises wondering what to do. Learn how high-density storage packages more capacity into smaller footprints, resulting in lower TCO. Continue Reading


By Linda Rosencrance Manage Oct 27, 2014

How to move from Excel to financial management software

Before switching from Excel spreadsheets to financial management software, companies need a plan that aligns with their finance processes -- and one that will scale as the business evolves. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Sep 04, 2014

BP signs Infosys IT services deal for application support and development

BP has awarded Infosys an IT services contract that will focus on application support and development for the energy giant Continue Reading


By Gary Olsen Manage Feb 03, 2014

Track software licenses and IT support with Excel date functions

As part of our series on Excel for IT admins, we look at how Excel date functions can help with calculating software licenses and support dates. Continue Reading


By Robert McFarlane Manage Jun 24, 2014

Controversial hot aisle containment practices

Is your hot aisle too hot for OSHA? New data center trends are causing concern. You might need to adapt to adhere to the law. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage May 21, 2014

What's the highest server temperature you can handle?

There's no correct inlet air temperature for all servers. Age, performance and design help determine how much heat your server can handle. Continue Reading