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By Bob Tarzey News Oct 31, 2016

When IT goes critical

Critical IT events are an inevitability for any organisation. However, new Quocirca research shows that effective operational intelligence can reduce their impact and cost. Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Evaluate Oct 18, 2016

Dissenters criticize the bimodal IT model

The bimodal IT model breaks IT into two ways of thinking about and implementing changes. And there are two schools of thought on this approach to innovation and improvement. Continue Reading


By Mike Jude Manage Nov 14, 2016

Unstructured data analysis is critical, but difficult

Sometimes, it's hard to know if your data is just garbage out, unless you have the right big data implementation analysis and preparation tools. Continue Reading


Sep 02, 2016

A case study in critical infrastructure interdependency

This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series provides a short introduction to Critical Infrastructure Protection Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Oct 31, 2016

How software-defined networking can secure critical systems

SDN promises to bring the efficiency gains achieved in server virtualisation to networking, while also boosting security Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Oct 28, 2016

Boost Exchange email security with Critical Security Controls

The SANS Institute's 20 critical security controls all apply to Exchange Server, and many IT organizations are falling behind on many of them. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Dirk Paessler Get Started Aug 18, 2016

IT's critical role in industrial IoT

Industrial IoT can deliver powerful benefits, but the technology foundation needs to be put in place first to ensure the communications infrastructure that IIoT will run on. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Manage Oct 03, 2016

Healthcare ransomware attack: Prevention and backups are critical

A healthcare ransomware attack may be inevitable. They've increased 300% since 2015. One CIO says that prevention measures and backups are key to protecting the organization. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Sep 30, 2016


By Beth Stackpole Manage Sep 23, 2016

IoT integration critical to digital manufacturing strategy

Internet of things technology turns data into information, but only with manufacturing software and IoT integration. Here's a look at challenges and components of that integration. Continue Reading