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Digital infrastructure critical to future development of London

By Alex Scroxton 30 Nov 2017

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new London Plan will treat access to digital infrastructure as critical to the city’s development over the next 20 to 25 years Read More

Podcast: Blockchain and storage for critical digital assets

By Antony Adshead 15 Nov 2017

We talk to Mathieu Gorge of Vigitrust about Blockchain, storage and how the distributed peer-to-peer system could be used for the retention of critical digital assets Read More

Collaboration is critical to the modern workplace, says Microsoft

By Zach Emmanuel 03 Nov 2017

Digital collaboration on a global basis is a vital aspect of the changing work environment, delegates at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event were told Read More

US warns of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure

By Warwick Ashford 23 Oct 2017

The US government has issued a warning about ongoing cyber attacks targeting critical national infrastructure, saying some networks and at least one power generator have been compromised Read More

Airbus helps secure critical infrastructure

18 Jul 2017

In this week's ezine, Computer Weekly explores how to secure industrial control systems, which have often lagged behind the leading edge of IT security and pose serious risks to critical national infrastructure. ... Read More

Infographic: Critical components of DevOps success

By Alex DelVecchio 11 Sep 2017

Many organizations are still in the beginning stages of understanding and applying DevOps concepts and strategies, according to a Pink Elephant survey. Read More

Implement cloud storage snapshots to protect critical data

By Jim O'Reilly 11 Sep 2017

Storage snapshots act almost like a rewind feature for admins, enabling them to roll back to uncorrupted versions of data. Unfortunately, they aren't as simple as hitting a button. Read More

UK critical infrastructure skipping security checks

By Warwick Ashford 29 Aug 2017

Almost two-fifths of the UK’s national infrastructure providers have not completed basic cyber security steps recommended by the UK government, an FOI response shows Read More

Critical IT problems cost UK organisations £200,000 a month

By Karl Flinders 15 Nov 2017

UK companies are losing hundreds of thousands of pounds a month because of IT problems, but are relatively good at preventing the same issues recurring Read More

Infosys CEO resigns amid public criticism from a founder

By Karl Flinders 21 Aug 2017

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka steps down, with the company blaming criticism from a company founder for his decision Read More