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By Brad Casey Manage Aug 31, 2015

External penetration testing still critical in cloud

By moving to the cloud, a business can offload some responsibility for lost or stolen data, but external penetration testing in the data center remains critical. Continue Reading


By Mark Vaughn Get Started Jun 09, 2015

More mission-critical applications should be virtual

Virtualization can bring many benefits to mission-critical workloads, as long as organizations can get over their initial anxiety. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jul 07, 2015

Critical OpenSSL patch coming Thursday

The OpenSSL project team will release a critical patch on Thursday and experts warn admins that the upgrade process could take days or weeks to complete. Continue Reading


By Barry Wilderman Manage Jun 29, 2015

Use EAM software to manage critical corporate assets

An expert explains how to choose the EAM software that will benefit your organization most. Continue Reading


News Sep 01, 2015

Critics, fans debate implementing ICD-10 coding system

In this HIT Squad podcast, SearchHealthIT reporters discussed the benefits and problems of ICD-10 coding as seen by experts. Continue Reading


By Mark Vaughn Get Started Jun 09, 2015

Design mistakes that put mission-critical applications at risk

Many consider virtualizing critical applications a liability, but it's only a problem if you overlook the risks. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 08, 2015

(ISC)2 responds to criticism with global academic program

(ISC)2 executive director David Shearer responds to criticisms about the organization's lack of introductory certifications within its global academic program. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jun 04, 2015

Security by design vital to critical infrastructure, say experts

CNI industry needs secure products, from secure suppliers, with secure development lifecycles, say CNI experts Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Aug 19, 2015

Critical out-of-band Microsoft security patch available for IE

One week after Patch Tuesday, an out-of-band Microsoft security patch is available for a critical flaw in Internet Explorer that affects all supported versions of Windows and Windows Server. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Aug 13, 2015

TFL still wasting millions on telecoms despite IIPAG criticism

One year on and Transport for London is still pouring millions into dispersed telecoms systems, according to the Independent Investment Programme Advisory Group Continue Reading