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How innovation in cycling helps Trek-Segafredo create a competitive edge

By Mark Samuels 09 Nov 2017

Cycling team is using technology from design to the track to improve its business and sporting competitiveness Read More

What the annual Oracle Database release cycle means for DBAs

By Brian Peasland 17 Aug 2017

As Oracle changes its database release cycle to yearly updates with new version numbers, Oracle users will get faster access to new features -- but also new upgrade questions to weigh. Read More

Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook analyzes B2B sales cycle

By Jesse Scardina 27 Oct 2017

The recently released Salesforce offering is the latest in a line of social selling tools meant to help customers identify which ads are working on Facebook and which are not. Read More

Five Risks of Ignoring PC Life-Cycle Management

12 Jul 2017

PC life-cycle management keeps businesses more secure, more productive and reduces costs. Ignoring it can be risky for any IT department. Read More

Microsoft expands cloud appeal with Cycle Computing buy, Azure update

By Trevor Jones 18 Aug 2017

Microsoft's acquisition of Cycle Computing brings native HPC tools to Azure, while the company also seeks to simplify serverless architecture deployment. Read More

Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing to lower barriers to HPC using cloud

By Caroline Donnelly 17 Aug 2017

Microsoft hits cloud acquisition trail to make high-performance computing accessible to a wider pool of enterprises Read More

Teradata CTO: beyond the data science hype cycle

By Adrian Bridgwater 04 Apr 2017

Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst spoke at the firm's day #2 keynote to add more colour to the data and services firm's stance on how we should be working with analytics and all aspects of the data ... Read More

John Sculley: optimize transaction cycle for pharmaceuticals

By Shaun Sutner 11 Jan 2017

Former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley urges the use of cloud technology to optimize the transaction cycle for pharmaceuticals and drive down prices for advanced specialty drugs. Read More

4D Printing, Smart Dust and Digital Twins: Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

By David McClelland 17 Aug 2017

Gartner has revealed its 2017 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. The highly-regarded annual report is seen by many professionals as an important indicator of which emerging technologies their ... Read More

The IoT hype cycle: Getting up to speed with monetization

By Michael Beamer 12 Dec 2016

While a number of companies have been quick to bring new products and devices to the market, only a handful have done that with monetization in mind. Read More