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data: In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is more convenient to move ...

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By Dave Raffo News Jun 26, 2015

Big Data Summit panelists: Petabyte data stores fuel data science

Data scientists who study topics such as disease and climate change require robust storage systems to hold petabytes of crucial research. Continue Reading


By Bill Hayes Get Started Jun 25, 2015

How to keep track of sensitive data with a data flow map

Expert Bill Hayes describes how to create a data flow map to visualize where sensitive data is processed, how it transits the network and where it's stored. Continue Reading


Jul 13, 2015

Engaging in the big data opportunity

David Fearne, technical director at Arrow ECS, looks at how the channel can help customers to define a strategy in this Big Data world Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Manage Jun 08, 2015

Use Transparent Data Encryption to protect data at rest

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is an effective tool for encrypting data at rest. An expert walks you through the features and future of TDE. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News Jun 30, 2015

Architecting health data for the cloud

Bayer HealthCare recently announced plans to improve health data and reduce pain management cases. Continue Reading


By Nick Booth Jun 30, 2015

Data that comes after a promise of responsibility

Some of the firms that harvest user data and exploit it can give the recruitment industry a bad name but Nick Booth thinks he has found an exception that could change things Continue Reading


By Mike Matchett News Jun 05, 2015

Navigate data lakes to manage big data

While the data lake concept appeals to business today, IT administrators must exercise caution prior to a full-scale implementation. Continue Reading

Better Info Governance

Sponsored Jun 26, 2015

Knowing When and Why to Delete Data

Organizations are being flooded with data. The dramatic influx of new devices to capture and share information, combined with new applications and workloads to use that data, has swelled data stores to ... Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Get Started Jun 01, 2015

Would Azure Data Factory benefit my cloud data?

Azure Data Factory helps move large volumes of data between the cloud and on-premises environments. But how else could it impact my big data strategy? Continue Reading


May 26, 2015

Apply data governance to maximise data insights

How IT can apply data governance to help the business trust analytics insights and gain the most value from big data Continue Reading