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data: In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is more convenient to move ...

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By David Loshin Manage Sep 01, 2015

Enterprise data architecture strategy and the big data lake

Today's enterprise data architecture strategy has to address how to align existing data systems with growing information needs, capabilities and data sources. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Aug 27, 2015

Primary Data primes the pump for data virtualization software

Startup Primary Data prepares GA launch of DataSphere data virtualization software, which is designed to make data available any time on any storage. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Get Started Aug 25, 2015

Data analysis tools don't create data-driven culture

Businesses want to be more data-driven, and vendors are capitalizing on the demand with sleek, self-service tools. But it's culture, not tools, that creates a data-driven organization. Continue Reading


By Jeff Jenkins ,Jeffrey Ritter ,Ben Cole ,Mary K. Pratt Manage Aug 25, 2015

Data governance in the digital age

In the digital age, companies are generating, storing and maintaining a sometimes overwhelming amount of "big data." The trend has forced companies to alter -- and sometimes completely revamp -- information ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 18, 2015

Protecting data on the go

Ever since the dawn of the BYOD era, personal and business data have comingled. Enterprise security pros need to not only secure company-owned devices; they must also protect the business data that ends up, ... Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jun 26, 2015

Big Data Summit panelists: Petabyte data stores fuel data science

Data scientists who study topics such as disease and climate change require robust storage systems to hold petabytes of crucial research. Continue Reading


By Bill Hayes Get Started Jun 25, 2015

How to keep track of sensitive data with a data flow map

Expert Bill Hayes describes how to create a data flow map to visualize where sensitive data is processed, how it transits the network and where it's stored. Continue Reading


Jul 13, 2015

Engaging in the big data opportunity

David Fearne, technical director at Arrow ECS, looks at how the channel can help customers to define a strategy in this Big Data world Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Manage Jun 08, 2015

Use Transparent Data Encryption to protect data at rest

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is an effective tool for encrypting data at rest. An expert walks you through the features and future of TDE. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 24, 2015

Tech Data teams up with MendIT

Distributor Tech Data has added MendIT as a channel relationship to provide resellers with access to a repair and warranty service Continue Reading