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By Adrian Bridgwater News May 23, 2016

Data in-flight, locking down bitemporal data

Data has always been important, obviously -- but the way we talk about data analytics today has become a multi-tier multi-modal multi-discipline practice. So much is this the case that today we see ... Continue Reading


By Sue Troy Evaluate May 11, 2016


By Adrian Bridgwater News Feb 14, 2016

Fast data isn't really fast data, it's just data

Fast data isn't really fast, it's just data that we decide we want to engage with faster than some other bits of data, Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Apr 29, 2016

Big data challenges traditional data modeling techniques

Surging big data is changing data modeling techniques, including schema creation. The word from Enterprise Data World 2016: Data pros must adjust. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Apr 22, 2016

Data lake meets warehouse in hybrid data architectures

A new view on hybrid data architectures, in which data lakes and warehouses coexist, emerged at EDW 2016. The hybrid approach has implications for data design, skills and planning. Continue Reading

The New Data Center

Sponsored Apr 18, 2016

Data Virtualization Provides VM Mobility Between Data Centers

Server virtualization has allowed a VM to throw off the restrictions of physical servers and move from one to another within a data center. Now, network virtualization allows the VM to keep its network identity as ... Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Apr 08, 2016

Data virtualization ushers in unified view of data

A member-owned supply chain management company melded siloed data sets to gain a unified view of diverse data feeds. Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski Evaluate Mar 24, 2016

Data lake governance: A big data do or die

Data lake governance may not be a sexy undertaking, but it's become a critical component in modern data architecture, according to experts. Continue Reading


By T.J. Houpes Evaluate May 23, 2016

SAS Data Governance helps support enterprise data tasks

SAS Data Governance provides organizations with data governance tools for organizing, managing and accessing their data assets, and establishing enterprise-wide data policies. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Don DeLoach Get Started Mar 29, 2016

Who owns the IoT data?

The Internet of Things is cool and its doors are new and enabling. But the battleground will mainly focus on IoT data: the ownership and control. Continue Reading