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News Apr 06, 2015

The marriage of mobile and data analytics

Getting the right information to employees whenever and wherever they need it has become an increasingly tricky task for CIOs. Part of the reason is that today's mobile-tethered consumers are now data connoisseurs,... Continue Reading


Sponsored Mar 18, 2015

Fight Data Center Sprawl: Here's How

Due to the expense of running multiple data centers, data center consolidation is the No. 1 initiative for IT pros in 2015. Learn tips for cutting operations as much as 40 percent. Continue Reading


By Caroline Baldwin Oct 01, 2014


Manage Feb 05, 2015

Launching big data initiatives? Be choosy about the data

Thanks to open source technologies like Hadoop and lower data storage costs, more organizations are able to store multi-structured data sets from any number of internal and external sources. That's a good thing,... Continue Reading


By Matt Mueller Evaluate Apr 16, 2015

Hadoop, big data haven't eclipsed data warehousing jobs -- yet

Hadoop and big data technologies may grab headlines, but there's still a place for traditional data warehousing skills, according to careers expert Matt Mueller. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Manage Apr 14, 2015

Why big data servers stay on-premises in data centers

Compute- and I/O-intensive big data workloads won't stray to the cloud yet as security and existing infrastructure keep analytics in the data center. Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 14, 2015

Data integration strategy holds together data-driven businesses

Mountains of data are useless to businesses if there is no good way to view and interact with that data. A strong data integration strategy can help companies harness information coming in from every direction and ... Continue Reading


By John Burke Evaluate Feb 24, 2015

What to look for in data center switches

Enterprises continue to virtualize data centers in the name of agility and efficiency. Because of this, the data center switches they buy today need to address both data center existing needs and future ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 28, 2015

Data Protection Day: Five steps to securing data

Data management firm Iron Mountain has compiled five steps to securing data to mark Data Protection Day Continue Reading

By Margaret Rouse Get Started Apr 14, 2015

Big data analytics vocabulary quiz

Take our 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of essential big data analytics terminology or see our glossary of terms to study up ahead of time. Continue Reading