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By Lis Evenstad Oct 02, 2015

Keeping up with Cassandra, the NoSQL database

What does Call of Duty, the Hive smart thermostats, Social Weather and the William Hill bookie app all have in common? They are all powered by the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Sep 02, 2015

Azure or AWS? A cloud database comparison

AWS offers a multitude of database services, but Microsoft Azure has several options worth considering for a savvy multi-cloud user. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Get Started Aug 13, 2015

Comparing the top database security tools

Expert Ed Tittel examines the strengths and weaknesses of top-rated database security tools -- from database activity monitoring to transparent database encryption -- to help enterprises make the right purchasing ... Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Oct 02, 2015

How can we mitigate the risks of cloud database services?

Before utilizing cloud database services, there are several security considerations to keep in mind and prepare for. Expert Dan Sullivan explains. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Sep 28, 2015

Can I improve the performance of a virtual database server?

Virtualizing database servers is no longer taboo, but you can still experience performance problems if it's not correctly configured. Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Sep 22, 2015

Datos IO wants to provide DR for distributed databases

Startup Datos IO eyes 15-minute RPO, with point-in-time recovery of distributed databases used in cloud applications. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Sep 17, 2015

What security considerations should go into choosing an AWS database?

Careful consideration must go into choosing the right AWS database for your enterprise. Expert Dan Sullivan discusses the options and security considerations to keep in mind during evaluation. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Evaluate Jun 30, 2015

Putting Oracle databases on a virtualized infrastructure

As virtualization technology has improved and features have expanded, putting an Oracle database system on vSphere is not as daunting a task as it once was. Continue Reading


By Ed Moyle Manage Sep 01, 2015

Three steps to secure cloud database services in the enterprise

Database as a service may be easy to deploy and easy to manage, but it is not without its security challenges. Expert Ed Moyle outlines three major steps enterprises should take to secure cloud database services in... Continue Reading


By Adrian Lane Get Started Jun 16, 2015

Introduction to database security tools for the enterprise

Expert Adrian Lane explains why database security tools play a significant, if not the majority, role in protecting data in the enterprise data center. Continue Reading