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database: A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, ...

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Problem Solve Oct 27, 2006

Database vs. relational database

What are the differences between a database and a relational database? Continue Reading


Manage Oct 16, 2002

Replicating Databases

This tip explains how to replicate databases. Continue Reading


Manage Oct 14, 2002

Database Performance

This tip offers some pointer on database performance. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 20, 2001

Database uptime

This query calculates and displays database uptime. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 10, 2002

Size of the database

Two ways to determine the size of your Oracle database. Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Problem Solve Jan 21, 2008

Clone database vs. standby database

A member asks, "Can you tell me the difference between clone database and standby database? " Continue Reading


Manage Feb 19, 2002

Database dilemma

Frequently, users call in saying that they cannot get into a database because of an invalid structure message. Continue Reading


News Oct 16, 2002

XML and databases

Databases play an essential role within information systems. They fall into three main categories: document, object, and relational databases. After the advent of XML technology came the arrival of native XML ... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Mar 27, 2002

Database maintenance

Here's a SAP screen that will tell you a lot of information about your database. Continue Reading


By James Denman Manage Nov 01, 2010

Graph database vs. relational database

The NoSQL movement is picking up a lot of steam by providing alternatives to the relational database. For some, alternatives like the graph database provide much needed flexibility. Continue Reading