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Navigate your options for public cloud database services

By Jim O'Reilly 16 Nov 2017

Your choice of a cloud database, data warehouse or data lake depends on the structure of your data and your analysis needs. Follow these guidelines to know which to choose. Read More

Use eseutil for Exchange database repair with care

By Nathan O'Bryan 07 Nov 2017

If Exchange crashes and you lack valid backups, just stay cool. The eseutil tool can be powerful, but if used improperly, it can do more harm than good. Read More

Machine learning in Oracle's autonomous database not so magical

By Jack Vaughan 25 Oct 2017

Oracle is employing a new autonomous database as part of its drive to the cloud. The technology relies on machine learning, but the actual effect is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Read More

How to use a SQL Server create database script to set up databases

By Brien Posey 04 Aug 2017

You can create SQL Server databases manually, but knowing how to do a scripted database setup is valuable. Here are the steps involved in executing a create database script. Read More

Securing SQL Server: Protecting Your Database from Attackers

29 Sep 2017

In this excerpt from chapter nine of Securing SQL Server, author Denny Cherry discusses why SQL injection attacks are so successful. Read More

Cyber security should be data-based, says NCSC

By Warwick Ashford 29 Sep 2017

The National Cyber Security Centre has begun several initiatives in its first year and hopes to use data drawn from those to drive better cyber security practices Read More

What are the best database services for PaaS offerings?

By Kenneth Milberg 26 Sep 2017

When you move to PaaS for your web-based apps, remember to think about database services. Consider the benefits of moving your database to a fully supported cloud infrastructure. Read More

How to create an Oracle database link

By Adam Hughes 28 Apr 2017

From remote databases to database migrations, this tip shows you how to create an Oracle database link and avoid potential pitfalls. Read More

Amazon DAX manages database spikes for improved performance

By Kurt Marko 08 Sep 2017

The DynamoDB Accelerator reduces database latency without tacking on a separate cache. While the service has some early limitations, DAX benefits enterprises with real-time apps. Read More

The internet of things, database systems and data distribution, part two

By Steven Graves 16 Nov 2017

Legacy distribution patterns aren't always a great fit for IoT systems. IoT data introduces a new distribution pattern your organization needs to accommodate. Read More