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By Jason Sparapani News Apr 14, 2016

A blockchain database takes a village

Banks and other businesses are coming together to test blockchain database technology. New uses -- and standards for the industry -- could result. Continue Reading


By Paul Cunningham Manage Mar 29, 2016

Don't forget Exchange 2010 database maintenance

Exchange Server 2010 automatically performs background maintenance on your mailbox databases, but Exchange administrators can't shirk these important database maintenance and monitoring tasks. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Mar 18, 2016

SQL innovator journeys into the database future

Jim Starkey, who developed some of the earliest incarnations of the relational database, reveals a vision of the database future that's cooking in his home lab. Continue Reading


By Craig S. Mullins Evaluate Feb 17, 2016

What to expect from Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata Database Machine combines hardware and software to enable analytics, batch, reporting and other tasks to run simultaneously within and across databases. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Problem Solve Apr 15, 2016

How do database copies enable Exchange server redundancy?

When email databases fail, important messages are lost and other issues arise. Database availability groups can help prevent these problems. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Apr 07, 2016

OSVDB shutdown leaves questions for vulnerability databases

OSVDB shutdown, blamed on lack of community support and engagement, raises questions about whether open source vulnerability databases can work and how they can be improved. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Apr 06, 2016

Panama Papers revealed by graph database visualisation software

The 11.5 million files leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca are being interrogated by journalists using a combination of Neo4j’s graph database and data visualisation software Linkurious Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Evaluate Oct 25, 2015

Protegrity Database Protector: Database security tool overview

Expert Ed Tittel examines Protegrity Database Protector, a database security add-on product that provides column- and field-level protection of confidential and sensitive data stored in nearly any type of ... Continue Reading


By Jim Mortleman Jan 25, 2016

Getting dirty with open source databases

With many companies looking at more agile, open source alternatives to proprietary databases, how do you choose which is the best fit for your needs Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Get Started Mar 18, 2016

Semantic graph database underpins healthcare data lake

A semantic graph database developer uses triple store technology to create healthcare data lakes so providers can use their own and open data for predictive analytics. Continue Reading