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By Ed Tittel Get Started Aug 13, 2015

Comparing the top database security tools

Expert Ed Tittel examines the strengths and weaknesses of top-rated database security tools -- from database activity monitoring to transparent database encryption -- to help enterprises make the right purchasing ... Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Evaluate Jun 30, 2015

Putting Oracle databases on a virtualized infrastructure

As virtualization technology has improved and features have expanded, putting an Oracle database system on vSphere is not as daunting a task as it once was. Continue Reading


By Adrian Lane Get Started Jun 16, 2015

Introduction to database security tools for the enterprise

Expert Adrian Lane explains why database security tools play a significant, if not the majority, role in protecting data in the enterprise data center. Continue Reading


By Basit Farooq Get Started Aug 14, 2015

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage database backup and restore

With Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Service, you can easily perform database backup and restore. Here is a step-by-step approach to using the service. Continue Reading


By Craig S. Mullins Evaluate Jun 04, 2015

Oracle Database 12c relational database management system overview

Oracle Database 12c delivers strong performance for mission-critical workloads, with features and functionality for diverse processing needs and requirements. Continue Reading


By Adrian Lane Get Started Aug 11, 2015

Nine steps for purchasing database security software

Expert Adrian Lane lays out the criteria for procuring the right database security software for your enterprise. Continue Reading


By Rick Sherman ,Jessica Sirkin ,Jack Vaughan Evaluate Jun 04, 2015

A helluva database performance begins with speed

If you're a database administrator or developer these days, you have one wish for a database management system: Make it fast. It needs to be, because applications are requiring more and more power to run. There's ... Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Manage Jul 31, 2015

Oracle RAC database: A guide to creating helpful services

Oracle RAC database services provide benefits to the database architecture. See how you can use Oracle Listener and the srvctl utility to create these services. Continue Reading


By Wayne Kernochan Manage Jul 17, 2015

Software testing techniques to address distributed databases

Data that lives across multiple IT infrastructures makes software testing difficult. New technologies in virtualization offer some relief. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Evaluate May 01, 2015

With database management tools, never settle

They're the heart of it all, pumping data to applications and business processes. But the sheer number of products on the market can boggle any mind. Continue Reading