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By Linda Endersby Mar 31, 2015

Check the date it's time to talk backup

It might have passed many people by but today is World Backup Day and a chance for the channel to spread the word about the need to protect sensitive data Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 20, 2015

Hackers threaten to expose ALM’s dating and cheating site users

A hacking group, calling itself The Impact Team, claims to have compromised Avid Life Media’s user databases, source code repositories, financial records and email system Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Apr 21, 2015

Microsoft partner accidentally reveals Windows 10 release date

"What release date... I didn't say anything about a release date! I don't even know what Windows 10 is. Who are you?" *runs out the door* Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Mar 05, 2015

IBM confirms Q2 release date for OpenPower servers in Softlayer

IBM Softlayer users will soon have access to OpenPower-based bare-metal servers for data-heavy workloads Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens Manage Aug 04, 2014

CRM pitfalls: The premature go-live date

Companies are often eager to get CRM systems up and running as fast as they can. But beware the premature go-live date. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jul 24, 2014

Getting up to date with Windows 8 tools and terminology

Windows 8 tools have multiplied, and some can help IT with administration, migration and security. We've also gathered relevant definitions. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage May 26, 2014

Should enterprises expect heightened risk on important dates?

Does the date on the calendar have anything to do with the likelihood of an attack? Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis provides his insight. Continue Reading


By Margaret Jones Evaluate Dec 03, 2013

Stay up to date on new devices with Android tablet reviews

Take a look at these reviews of Android tablets to learn about new devices and features that could be on their way to your network. Continue Reading


By Brandan Blevins News Apr 08, 2014

Security experts optimistic amid Windows XP end-of-life date

Windows XP's end-of-life date is here, and while experts said dangerous new attacks won't arrive right away, they will soon enough. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 02, 2014

F-Secure reveals out of date software extends beyond XP

The current focus might be on the security risks caused by the demise of Windows XP but F-Secure has found the problem goes much further Continue Reading