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Manage Mar 20, 2002

Date array

create a list of dates, based on a begin date and an end date Continue Reading


Problem solve Mar 08, 2002

Inverted date

The internal format of date in the table TCURR is called INVERTED date. Read more in this tip. Continue Reading


Manage May 06, 2003

Two date functions

This tip describes two date functions. Continue Reading


Problem solve Sep 24, 2002

Date manipulation in SQL

Work with date manipulation within SQL. Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 15, 2004

More query date manipulation

By manipulating the file field you can create a date field within the query and be able to use current(DATE) against non-date fields. Continue Reading


By Rudy Limeback Problem solve Oct 26, 2006

Start dates, end dates and history tables

I have a database with several tables that use a composite primary key of ID, start date, end date. If I am changing any description on a particular table, I will update the start date and end date, then I will ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 14, 2003

Converting Julian dates

Learn how to converting Julian dates on SQL. Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 23, 2004

Retrieve date calculations command

This codes provides date calculations within a CL program for adding and subtracting a given number of days from a given date and returns result dates in a specified format. Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 19, 2004

IsDate replacement

This tip provides code to speed up the IsDate task. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 27, 2001

Calendar Date/Time

How do I fill in my field values on my form with the date I selected in my calendar view? Continue Reading