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By Shaun Sutner News Sep 14, 2015

Larger providers ready for ICD-10 implementation date

As the Oct. 1 ICD-10 implementation date nears, larger provider organizations appear to be ready, with testing, training and double coding complete. Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby Mar 31, 2015

Check the date it's time to talk backup

It might have passed many people by but today is World Backup Day and a chance for the channel to spread the word about the need to protect sensitive data Continue Reading


By Sharon Shea News Oct 01, 2015

The EMV liability shift date is here, now what?

The Oct. 1, 2015 deadline for EMV liability has arrived, though merchants and retailers alike aren't ready for the change. Continue Reading


News Sep 30, 2015

Twitter reaction to the ICD-9 to ICD-10 implementation date

This page will be updated throughout the day on Oct. 1 -- the ICD-10 implementation date -- to include tweets on how the coding update is going. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Sep 14, 2015

The ICD-10 release date: Here are important facts to know

The ICD-10 implementation date is fast approaching, and providers should know what to expect. Here are some important facts from CMS' ICD-10 resources. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee News Sep 09, 2015

On ICD-10 release date, CMS says four states exempt

On Oct. 1, the ICD-10 release date, four states' Medicaid programs will not be converting to ICD-10 codes, according to CMS. Everyone else, however, will. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News May 15, 2015

Symantec sets January date for Veritas spin-out

Symantec expects to officially complete its Veritas spin-out Jan. 2, 2016, with a goal to effectively operate as two separate companies by Oct. 3, Symantec executives updated the spinoff process ... Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee News Aug 21, 2015

Sample high-value claims before ICD-10 implementation date

With the heat on physician practices to prepare for the impending ICD-10 implementation date, two analysts discuss how best to avoid negative outcomes. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee News Aug 13, 2015

Experts predict bleak results after ICD-10 implementation date

As the Oct. 1 ICD-10 implementation date looms on the horizon, three experts question whether ICD-10 will provide value to physicians or patients. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Aug 10, 2015

What do end-of-software development dates mean for security?

Expert Kevin Beaver explains how organizations should address end-of-software development dates, and what they ultimately mean to enterprise security. Continue Reading