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DB2: DB2 is a family of relational database management system (RDBMS) products from IBM that serve a number ...

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By Robert Crawford Get Started Mar 16, 2015

Can I configure DB2 replication from the mainframe to AIX?

I want to replicate DB2 from the mainframe to an AIX box since it's cheaper and the copy can be used for testing. Is this possible? Continue Reading


By Wayne Kernochan Evaluate Dec 20, 2013

Inside the mainframe architecture of IBM Netezza, DB2 BLU Acceleration

The newest higher-performance mainframes from IBM prove to be cost-effective and advantageous, but may not be ready to function for heavy updates yet. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Aug 29, 2013

DB2 BLU Acceleration boosts IBM's flagship RDBMS

Upstart analytic engines are hot. Is IBM's DB2 BLU catching up? One railroad sees speeded queries while tapping tried-and-true programming skills. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 18, 2015

Introducing row-level security in Azure SQL databases

Row-level security, a new feature for Azure SQL databases, helps Microsoft database platforms get to the same level as Oracle and DB2. Continue Reading


By Wayne Kernochan Manage Jun 20, 2012

IBM DB2 10 upgrade delivers improvements to all database users

IBM DB2 10 users report the upgrade can cut administration costs, boost mission-critical apps and bring other benefits to your business. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Problem Solve Feb 28, 2011

New DB2 V10 features and performance

DB2 V10 addresses issues that previous versions experienced and includes new features, such as temporal tables and subgroups. Continue Reading


By Mark Brunelli News Dec 15, 2011

LinkShare explains why it dumped DB2 for the Exadata database machine

LinkShare’s BI director says the need for scalability was a key factor in moving the affiliate marketing company’s data warehouse to Oracle Exadata. Continue Reading


By Mark Brunelli News Oct 26, 2011

IBM to unveil NoSQL technology inside DB2

IBM intends to offer NoSQL database capabilities inside of DB2 beginning early next year, according to a keynote speaker at IBM Information On Demand 2011. Continue Reading


News Jul 22, 2010

IBM and Canonical virtualize DB2 for Ubuntu

A fully-virtualized version of IBM's DB2 Express-C database software will be available to run on Ubuntu's Eucalyptus-powered cloud platform. Continue Reading


News Apr 29, 2008

IBM DB2 basics

Learn IBM DB2 basics -- including what makes DB2 unique, common DB2 challenges and misconceptions, DB2 career options and more, in this DB2 basics podcast. Continue Reading