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default: In computer technology, a default (noun, pronounced dee-FAWLT) is a predesigned value or setting that is...

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By Warwick Ashford Jun 15, 2015

Wikimedia to encrypt all connections by default

The Wikimedia Foundation calls on all sites to join its move to encrypt all connections by default Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Get Started Apr 10, 2015

How will Android encryption by default affect enterprise BYOD?

Google is beginning to encrypt data by default on its Android devices. Expert Michael Cobb explains how this change will affect enterprise BYOD security. Continue Reading


Dec 18, 2014

Lib Dems call for encryption by default

The UK needs to enforce encryption by default to protect citizens' privacy, claim Liberal Democrat MPs Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News May 04, 2015

DISM Defaults Finally Working in Win10 Build 10074

Like many other beta testers for Windows 10, I reported early on (around build 9879, if memory serves) that the deployment image servicing and management facility, better known as the DISM command, ... Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick Mar 27, 2015

MPs slam Defra for making rural payments 'digital by default'

MPs have slammed the government’s decision to make rural payment claims from farmers a 'digital by default' service Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick Mar 20, 2015

Rural payment problems cause U-turn for flagship 'digital by default' service

Government forced into U-turn as flagship 'digital by default' service for payments to farmers resorts to paper forms following an IT failure Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 22, 2013

UK to block online porn by default

The UK is to block online pornography by default to all new internet users, David Cameron is to announce Continue Reading


By Brad Casey Problem Solve Dec 27, 2013

Network security risks: The trouble with default passwords

Network security expert Brad Casey explores the risks of putting devices on the network with default passwords, and spotting default password usage. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Oct 17, 2013


In SQL Server, SQL CONSTRAINT clauses let you control values entered into a column. Learn about FOREIGN KEY, CHECK and DEFAULT constraints here. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Get Started Sep 23, 2013

When default won't do: Customize VMs with free ESXi hypervisor

When a typical configuration isn't in the cards, you can create a customized virtual machine when dabbling with the free ESXi hypervisor. Continue Reading