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By Carrie Higbie Problem solve Jan 20, 2006

Two departments, one budget

Network traffic is converging; network equipment is converging. IT departments are converging. But what about their budgets? See what networking expert Carrie Higbie has to say. Continue Reading


Jan 23, 2003

IT departments invest in training

IT departments are increasingly turning to training and education as a means of addressing skills requirements, as the wider... Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 20, 2003

List users by department/cost center

To get a list of users by department or cost center, follow these steps. Continue Reading


By John Riley May 20, 2005

Make IT the department that says 'yes'

IT departments must learn how to say "yes" if they want to engage with the business. Continue Reading

News Sep 24, 2009

Department of Defence seeks 20 "Supermicro Servers"

Australia's Defence Department wants to buy 20 very small, very powerful servers.   Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Jan 24, 2006

Government departments stalling on ID cards

Government departments have not bought into the Home Office's £5.8bn ID card scheme. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 12, 2014

VMware reveals IT department innovation failings

VMware has found that it is taking months for IT departments to respond to user requests Continue Reading


Jul 05, 2000

Cybernetics Department puts faith in web

Roisin Woolnough meets the man who created the Reading University Cybernetics Department's Web site Continue Reading


Nov 10, 2005

IT departments failing to measure up

IT departments are failing to measure their own performance or service levels to the business, according to new research. Without such basic measure in place, IT departments risk having their major functions ... Continue Reading


Oct 31, 2002

IT departments must have an IM strategy

IT departments must begin planning a strategy for how, not whether, instant messaging (IM) will be used within their... Continue Reading